Virtual Planet

There is a limit to what Mother Nature can provide. Raw material provisioning and long term resource availability is a major concern for society. In an industrial age in which natural resources are consumed in an unprecedented amount, a solution is desperately needed to secure the longevity of our Planet for generations to come.

Model and simulate our Planet

Virtual Planet

GEOVIA is a world-leading solution for modeling and simulating our Planet to improve predictability, efficiency, safety and sustainability of our natural resources.

Already a leader in the mining industry, thanks to its dedicated portfolio that spans the entire mine lifecycle, GEOVIA is helping geologists, surveyors and mine engineers understand, model and manage mining orebody.

GEOVIA’s promise is to extend its capabilities to other sectors that process natural resources such as water, vegetation, oil & gas, and many others, as well as sectors managing landscaping, city planning, and beyond.

Key mining industry challenges addressed by GEOVIA:
  • Resources availability challenge due to geological modelisation & production management experiences for better exploration & productivity
  • Safety challenge due to risk assessment & evaluation experiences as well as unique collaborations tools
  • Compliancy challenge due to compliancy solutions to shorten mining projects study phases, and engineering & scheduling tools enabling mine sites to minimize their impact on the Planet
  • Skills shortage challenge due to collaboration platform to enable mining people to travel only if needed and increase their capability to work off-site from mining companies offices
Rick Moignard,,President and CEO of Gemcom

Advanced technologies in 3D modeling and simulation will not only enable engineers and geologists to model and visualize resources but also improve sustainable mine productivity

Rick Moignard,
President and CEO of Gemcom