Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence

Designers and engineers regularly make critical decisions that can introduce significant costs into a company. Engineers are designing more and more new parts every day. Why don’t they just find and reuse similar or equivalent parts that already exist inside the company’s legacy data assets? Because searching for parts and related information is very time-consuming and potentially error-prone today.

Without a tool to rapidly find and compare similar parts hidden inside data sources and silos scattered throughout the company, design engineers simply choose to recreate the part rather than spend unproductive time searching. Although they may not realize it, creating new parts impacts the bottom line. Substantial time and costs are incurred if you need to acquire or produce new parts, leading to more production procedures, quality controls, and inventory into stock.

The EXALEAD OnePart integrated search experience is uniquely capable of adding similarity, metadata, and semantic-linked documents and related information to shape search capabilities. Engineers, managers, technicians, and procurement specialists can quickly and easily find and reuse existing 2D/3D files of parts, product designs and other related information located anywhere inside the organization, even beyond obvious PDM and PLM repositories. The result: optimized reuse of parts, designs and related documentation, thus accelerating product development and delivery and decreasing design, material, manufacturing, and storage costs.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Leverages existing parts to reduce design decision risk and boost product quality
  • Improves productivity of designers and engineers
  • Accelerates time-to-market and new project start-up
  • Lowers inventory and management costs