ENOVIA V5-6R2014

Experience integrated engineering and best-in-class collaborative business processes—Choose ENOVIA V5-6R2014 solutions, also compatible with ENOVIA V6.

V5-6R2014 Enhancements

Ultra-fast product development, improved large data management, better performance and response times—the strengths ENOVIA® V5-6R2014 enhancements bring to VPLM

  • Lower server memory consumption and improve response time
  • Maximize productivity through improved application usability and ergonomics
  • Improve CATIA V5/ENOVIA integration with more flexible management within a CATIA® session
  • Experience effective collaboration between extended enterprise and supply chain as a result of augmentations to replication and reconciliation automation
  • Protect IP/IT investments with up-to-date operating systems and middleware support

ENOVIA V5 Portfolio

The ENOVIA V5 portfolio consists of ENOVIA VPLM and ENOVIA SmarTeam—each compatible with ENOVIA V6.


ENOVIA VPLM addresses companies dealing with highly complex products, resources and manufacturing processes. It mainly targets medium and large extended enterprises.


ENOVIA SmarTeam delivers collaborative Product Data Management (PDM)solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises, engineering departments of larger organizations, and across the supply chain.

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ENOVIA VPLM and ENOVIA SmarTeam can be used in conjunction with ENOVIA V6 for best-in-class collaborative product development business processes for enterprises across a wide range of industries. See V6 portfolio for more details.