Latest release

Dymola 2015 FD01 is the latest release version. It can be downloaded by registered users from the support center.

Dymola 2015 FD01

We are delighted to announce that Dymola 2015 FD01 was released on November 28, 2014.

The key highlights are:

Functional Mockup Interface 2.0

The FMI 2.0 specification has been finalized by the Modelica Association. Dymola 2015 FD01 has full support for FMI 1.0 and FMI 2.0.

Multi-core simulation and Favorites packages

Dymola 2015 FD01 now has multi-core support to reduce simulation times by a factor of 2-3 on a standard processor for certain kinds of models. The symbolic analysis of model equations is used to partition code for parallel execution on multiple cores. No manual intervention is needed.

Convenient creation of Favorites packages facilitates customized models. Dragging in a 'favorite' inserts a reference to the original model. Parameter modifications can be added to represent specific components.

Integration with Java, Python and JavaScript

Dymola can run as a local web service, making it possible to send commands from Java, Python and JavaScript. This allows interactive web pages to use Dymola to run simulations, display models, set parameters and show simulation results as plots or animations. Such an approach makes it possible for non-specialist Modelica users to access the simulation capabilities of Dymola.