Modelica Systems Simulation

Simulate the complex interactions between multi-domain physical systems

It is common practice today to use many different models to simulate the behavior of complex systems and products. These models rarely interoperate with one another and don’t exist in an "aggregated" environment that allows a "whole-system multi-physics simulation" of the complete product.

As the number and complexity of systems continues to grow, the effective modeling and simulation of these individual systems, and their interaction with other systems, becomes increasingly important. Systems engineering is essential to avoid detecting unexpected system interactions during the validation and verification phases of the product development process.



  • Rapidly model and simulate the performance of complex products and systems
  • Accelerate understanding and validation of complex systems through early virtual simulation
  • Quickly find solution to complex multi-physic system design problems
  • Use Modelica compliant component models to facilitate intellectual property capture for re-use
  • Leverage powerful and open model libraries for a large number of engineering domains to create customized components or adapt existing ones to match their unique cross-discipline system needs
  • Ability to integrate Modelica models with 3D geometry to perform virtual 3D simulations of complex mechanisms and systems

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  • Systems Mechatronic Engineering

    Leverage the power of Modelica and 3DEXPERIENCE to rapidly develop, simulate and validate complex mechatronic products and systems

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  • Systems Dynamic Performance Engineering

    A revolutionary new solution for modeling and simulating the dynamic behavior and complex interactions between multi-domain physical systems

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  • Systems Simulink Export

    Export Modelica compliant systems behavior models from the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform for simulation within a Simulink® environment 

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  • Systems Real Time Execution Export

    Export Modelica compliant systems behavior models for use in Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) test environments

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  • Systems FMU Export

    Generate Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) from the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform in order to integrate & simulate the model on other co-simulation...

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  • Systems C Code Export

    Generate C source code from Modelica compliant systems behavior models to validate it on any hardware platform 

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  • Dymola

    Dymola is a complete tool for modeling and simulation of complex systems for use within automotive, aerospace, process and other applications.

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  • Air Conditioning Library

    Model and optimize air conditioning system designs, from early system definitions through to detailed control system design and implementation.

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  • Electric Power Library

    Rapidly model, simulate, analyze and optimize electric power systems including DC, single and three phase AC systems.

  • Engine Dynamics Library

    Dynamic simulation of combustion engine systems with CATIA or Dymola

  • Flexible Bodies Library

    Rapid modeling and simulation of flexible mechanical systems

  • Flight Dynamics Library

    Accurately simulate the flight dynamics of aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Fuel Cell Library

    Accelerate the design, simulation and optimization of fuel cells and their control systems for a wide range of industrial applications. 

  • Heat Exchanger Library

    Enables the efficient design and dimensioning of radiators and heat exchanger stacks for automotive applications.

  • Hydraulics Library

    Enables the quick optimization and verification of the design of hydrostatic drive systems from the early design phases through to control design and...

  • Hydro Power Library

    Enables the development and verification of new hydro power plant designs including the design and virtual testing of new control strategies. 

  • Liquid Cooling Library

    Enables the rapid design and simulation of liquid cooling systems for virtual prototyping, component dimensioning and control system design.

  • Pneumatics Library

    Allows optimization and verification of complete pneumatic systems from the early concept design phase through to detailed production definition.

  • Powertrain Library

    Enables the rapid modeling and simulation of the entire vehicle powertrain system including the resulting motion of the vehicle.

  • Smart Electric Drives Library

    Enables the simulation and optimization of both high performance and general purpose electric drive systems.

  • Thermal Power Library

    Enables the fast and accurate modeling and simulation of thermal power plants including steam and combined cycle power units

  • Vapor Cycle Library

    Enables the rapid design and simulation of vapor cycle systems, including vapor compression cycles for heating or cooling

  • Vehicle Dynamics Library

    Accelerates the design of automotive chassis and vehicle systems, from the early concept design phase through to detailed analysis and implementation.

  • Dymola - Real-Time Simulation

    Export Modelica compliant systems behavior models for use in Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) test environments

  • Dymola - Binary Model Export

    Binary Model Export allows a developer to create stand-alone applications that can be executed on other simulation platforms.

  • Dymola - Source Code Generation

    Export Modelica models to C code formatso that they can be used on any simulation platform without the need for a Dymola  license on the target...

  • Dymola - Model Management

  • Dymola - Model Calibration

    Model calibration (parameter estimation) accelerates the process where measured data from a real device is used to tune systems parameters. 

  • Dymola - Design Optimization

    Dymola Design Optimization deliverspowerful features to perform integrated computer experiments with Modelica models.