Gain competitive advantage by design

With intense competition in consumer markets, product style and design are strategic for success in product sales. Making innovative, appealing products, available quickly on the market to follow consumer trends, is a key business success factor.

To meet this challenge, design studios requires leading edge technologies and methodologies to accelerate creative and decision workflow, to boost design innovation.

CATIA Creative Design

A unified industrial design workflow solution

CATIA Creative Design address the product development process with a dedicated, integrated and complete creative solution, for you to express your creativity and invent the products your customers are dreaming about.

from art to part

Bring your ideas into reality, with CATIA Creative Design the state-of-the-art technology to:

  • Boost your design innovation
  • Unbind your creativity
  • Streamline your teams collaboration
  • Keep your global organizations connected

Empower your teams to have a larger number of ideas coming to life. Allow to integrate late modifications to ensure the 100% customer satisfaction you are looking for. Keep your design intent intact, through all the process, from design to manufacturing.

Phil Gray, ,Managing Director, Quadro Consulting Ltd.

Our view is that CATIA is much more than a design tool. It’s a competitive business differentiator, with key benefits for the company as a whole as well as for design teams individuals.

Phil Gray,
Managing Director, Quadro Consulting Ltd.