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From electronics to automotive and consumer packaged goods, design plays a critical part in determining a product’s success in the market. How do you deliver aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior products? CATIA covers all product shape design needs from industrial design to Class A, providing the designer with the tools to produce any kind of complex shapes.

CATIA Design talks directly to the heart. Successful products are usually those with designs which elicit positive emotional responses from their consumers. Creative designers must be equipped with software tools that enable them to easily craft and adjust the product's emotional content through their designs. They must achieve this while collaborating with the engineering department to ensure proper coverage of the product’s functional scope.

CATIA Design products and solutions cover the entire shape design, styling and surfacing workflow, from industrial design to Class A. Our intuitive and easy to use shape design tools give everyone involved in the product design process, from industrial designers, Class A modelers to Aero Lofting engineers, a real freedom to design any kind of complex shape. Advanced functionalities include reverse engineering, Class-A surfacing, rapid propagation of design changes, powerful real-time diagnostic tools and high-end visualization. CATIA enables creative designers, design studios and engineering departments to work collaboratively in optimizing their products for aesthetic and engineering purposes.


  • Industrial Design
    CATIA is at the service of industrial designers and their creativity. Whether starting the 3D ideation from scratch or from 2D sketches, industrial designers can manipulate shapes with unrivaled freedom and take advantage of a true creativity accelerator to explore more ideas in the early conceptual phase.
  • Advanced Surface Modeling
    CATIA fully addresses the Automotive Class-A Shape Design process with a solution for surface refinement that integrates industry leading Icem surfacing technologies. By combining the V6 technology strengths, which include knowledge capture-and-reuse paradigm, it delivers a powerful and intuitive suite of tools for modeling, analyzing and visualizing aesthetic and ergonomic shapes for the highest Class-A surface quality.
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Industrial Design

Gain competitive advantage by design

With intense competition in consumer markets, product style and design are strategic for success in product sales. Making innovative, appealing products, available quickly on the market to follow consumer trends, is a key business success factor.
To meet this challenge, design studios require leading edge technologies and methodologies to accelerate creative and decision workflow, to boost design innovation.

CATIA Creative Design address the product development process with a dedicated, integrated and complete creative solution, for you to express your creativity and invent the products your customers are dreaming about.

Industrial Design
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Advanced Surface Modeling

Advanced Surface Modeling

Reach Perfection in Surface Quality

High quality surface modeling is essential for successful product design.

All industries have to increase products sophistication to bring some differentiators on a more and more segmented market. If industrial design and communication keep being the mandatory path for success, the logical trend behind is to deliver the adequate level of perceived quality.

To produce a reliable surface model at the first attempt, the modeling software has to be able to implement the most advanced mathematics for G0 to G3 quality surfaces, curves and forms. To ensure the designer and the engineer get the results they really need; the software has to do this dynamically and interactively. This is the reason why CATIA provide the most advanced surface modeling products: CATIA Icem and ICEM Surf.

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Product Experience

to make the right decisions

With the actual intense competition on the market, the competitive advantage by design becomes a key factor for business success. Having appealing product, right on time on the market requires styling and design studios to redefine their design process. Designers face the daily challenge to create and convince about the design intent, but also to share and collaborate globally and with other departments, as well as to improve the product's perceived quality. 

With CATIA Design Experience portfolio, the decision-making process is facilitated thanks to its digital and/or physical prototypes.

Product Experience
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