Latest release

ICEM Surf 4.13

We are pleased to announce the availability of our latest release ICEM Surf 4.13, the industry-leading Explicit Class A surface modeling, analysis and visualization solution, incorporating significant improvements, many of which have been developed in response to customer requests. This customer-centric approach ensures ICEM Surf continues to deliver a Class A surfacing environment suitable for your real-world design requirements.

ICEM Surf further extends and improves its core modeling capabilities

ICEM Surf suite of products brings time saving and productivity improvements to the Class-A surface design phases with numerous enhancements to existing Curve & Surface modeling capabilities and geometry management tools to further improve user workflow.

ICEM Surf keeps improving its advanced surfacing design technologies with new commands

The Global Fillet command has been introduced to further extend ICEM Surf’s range of capabilities to create to offer the user the possibility select and globally apply fillet in one operation.

Extended Data visualization export capabilities

Significant infrastructure & interface improvements to aid and improve user workflow have been included such as a new Toolbar to manage Display Lists, Copy & Paste, File open/save operations.

Extended Data interoperability with CATIA

Extended data ICEMDB I/O capabilities with CATIA that now support the exchange of textures and text. For more information on all the new and improved capabilities, please contact your local Dassault Systèmes Sales representative.