Lean Construction

Eliminate Waste and Increase Profits

Project Execution

Lean Construction through Real-Time Capture, Analysis, and Decision Making

Construction projects have been using project management methodologies. However, they still have out of control delays, cost overruns, and other inefficiency. There is a need to adjust and modify project management methodologies. Project status tracking is an important aspect as construction projects include many unpredictable events up to project completion.

Project Execution of the Lean Construction 3DEXPERIENCE solution is about executing in a project structure that enables the many members of the construction team to collaborate.  This provides real-time access to project pipelines for rapid analysis and decision making, exposes resource bottlenecks in real-time with enhanced management visibility, increases resource utilization and reduces conflicts between project managers and functional group managers. It drives a phase based decision making process using best-in-class process templates with predefined phases, gates, and milestones.

Key Highlights and Benefits:

  • Clear view of schedule progress, issue resolution, risks, etc.
  • More accountability: Any source of changes are traceable afterward
  • Primavera integration / Master project schedule
  • Execution status instant access dashboard
  • Issues linked to impacted tasks and deliverables
  • Change management linked to tasks and deliverables