We have aggregated for your convenience the terms included in our license agreements that apply to Dassault Systèmes Offerings (3DS Offerings): The Offering Specific Terms (OST), Support Policies (including the Support services details, reinstatement as well as the Data Processing Exhibit),  Product Portfolio, and Service Level Agreement.

Support Policies*

You will find here the Support Services Policies applicable to 3DS Offerings that include the Support Lifecycle Policy and reinstatement of support.

Offering Specific Terms (OST)*

You will find here the applicable Offering Specific Terms (OST) documents and their Additional Terms containing the specific terms and conditions that apply to each Release of 3DS Offerings.

Product Portfolio

You will find here the complete list of 3DS Offerings (Licensed Programs, Online Services, and/or Packaged Offerings) including their product name, reference number, and licensing scheme, as well as additional important information such as the applicable pricing structure, pre-requisites, support level, and complete content for Packaged Offerings.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)*

You will find here the Service Level Agreements applicable to the Online Services provided by Dassault Systèmes.

Data Processing Exhibit

You will find here the Data Processing Exhibit according to which 3DS, acting as Processor, will, collect, store, and Process the Personal Data on behalf of Customer, as part of Customer’s access to and use of the Online Services.

Third-Party Terms (TPT)

You will find here the specific terms and conditions applicable to third-party components that are or are included in and licensed to be used in connection with certain 3DS Offerings.


You will find here Price related information including the renewal price, reference index, and currency per country.

* Not applicable to customers under ELA (Evaluation License Agreement)