Superior Experience for project deployment excellence


PREMIUM helps you in your transformation providing an enhanced level of proactive service. Your partnership with Dassault Systèmes secures long-term project success with the highest level of collaboration and expertise.

You benefit from a dedicated governance with focus on continuous improvement and long term planning.

Our PREMIUM success plan is on top of essential support services (ADVANTAGE).

Secure project deployment 

Every enterprise deployment needs a project plan that accounts for all elements that could impact risk, schedule or cost. We provide clear guidance and help ensure clean execution of support processes and deliveries that fit your project milestones.


Maximize Productivity

System stability and reliability are important factors in the development of products. Once you are in production, the goal is to optimize your Return On Investment (ROI). Premium Support helps boost and optimize your performance and avoid business disruption.


Prepare the future

The Dassault Systèmes Customer Success organization makes it easier for you to introduce new innovation quickly and efficiently, accelerating deployment and maximizing the value of your investment. 






For more information about the offer, please contact us at: support.premium(at) or download the brochure Get to know more about Premium