Upgrade of Managed DSLS Service on July 6th, 2024. Estimated duration: 60 minutes

Managed DSLS Service will be upgraded on Saturday 6th of July. Please find below the detailed planning per region.

This may lead to some unavailability of the license distribution during the operation (Estimated duration: 60 minutes per datacenter).


3DPassport                            EUW1                   04h-5h Paris Time

EuropeManagedDSLS5h - 6h Paris Time
SingaporeManagedDSLS9h - 10h Paris Time
China MainlandManagedDSLS9h - 10h Paris Time
KoreaManagedDSLS9h - 10h Paris Time
AustraliaManagedDSLS9h - 10h Paris Time
IndiaManagedDSLS9h - 10h Paris Time
TokyoManagedDSLS11h - 12h Paris Time
US EastManagedDSLS11h - 12h Paris Time
US West1ManagedDSLS11h - 12h Paris Time
US West2ManagedDSLS11h - 12h Paris Time
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