Upgrade of Managed DSLS Service on February 10th, 2024. Estimated duration: 60 minutes

Our service Managed DSLS will be upgraded. The duration is estimated to 60 minutes

Managed DSLS Service will be upgraded on Saturday 10th of February. The operation (Estimated duration: 60 minutes per datacenter).

3DPassport  EUW1 03h-4h Paris Time

EuropeManagedDSLS4h - 5h Paris Time
SingaporeManagedDSLS8h - 9h Paris Time
China MainlandManagedDSLS8h - 9h Paris Time
KoreaManagedDSLS8h - 9h Paris Time
AustraliaManagedDSLS8h - 9h Paris Time
IndiaManagedDSLS8h - 9h Paris Time
TokyoManagedDSLS10h - 11h Paris Time
US EastManagedDSLS10h - 11h Paris Time
US West1ManagedDSLS10h - 11h Paris Time
US West2ManagedDSLS10h - 11h Paris Time
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