T67-2024 Notification regarding BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS 2023 HF1

We are providing this Technical Note to inform you about the release of BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS 2023 HF1 which includes the following enhancements and fixed defects:



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We are providing this Technical Note to inform you about the release of BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS 2023 HF1 which includes the following enhancements and fixed defects:


This release BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS includes no new Enhancements for this release.

Fixed Defects

This release of BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS includes the following fixed defects.

MYQ-8251An issue was reported with the logout action when Talent Suite tab is open and a second tab with catalog editor is open. The user appears to be logged out but the tab does not close. This issue is resolved. The Talent suite tab closes as expected when opened/closed in the sequence described above. New Section has been added to the qumasproxyconfig
MYQ-8356It was reported that EDMS Admin Picklist management was unresponsive for large lists with mappings. This has been resolved. Paging has been implemented in the Picklist editing screen in order to prevent the system from becoming unresponsive when dealing with large Picklists with mappings.
MYQ-8357Annotations are available for creating, editing and deciding at Panel Complete steps This is not the correct behaviour as the panel is complete. This is resolved so annotations are not available for creating, editing and deciding when a Panel is complete.
MYQ-8381Picklist values were not rendering in the dropdown in the advanced search. This is resolved. Drop-down lists of values for extended attributes of picklist types are now correctly populated in the Advanced Search screen for both document types and workflow types.
MYQ-8382This is an issue in MyQUMAS where when editing group members the changes are not reflected in the document type list. This has been addressed as the caching mechanism will now monitors= changes in group/role membership and data cached for a user whose membership in groups and roles was changed. User updates to Group or role membership now automatically updates to reflect these Group or Role permissions relating to Cabinet Folder or Document Type viewing.
MYQ-8383This is an issue with cloning a workflow. The panels are not loaded when adding a document and the clone cannot be saved and the action of adding a document seems to hang. This has been resolved and workflows can now be cloned without any issue.
MYQ-8411There was an issue reported where the hardcopy management log export gave an error when the print status field had the text error. This occurred as some of the data fields are not XML encoded during the export to Excel. The Print Error field is one of them. If such a field contains any of the reserved XML characters, the resulting XML is invalid and cannot be opened in Excel. The Excel export feature in hardcopy management now works as expected - it generates a correct Excel file even if some of the exported items contain reserved XML characters in any of the data fields. The fields that are specifically impacted by this fix are: Print Reason, Print Reference, Destruction Reason and Print Error.
MYQ-8414To avoid the large amount of work for customers upgrading it is required to allow customers to choose between the original Talent integration and the new one. Customers with TalentSuite will still want to upgrade to newer versions of both MyQUMAS and TalentSuite - the only difference is that there is an option to retain the older integration and avoid the need to manually update every existing training program / module. Any new customers will still get the new integration. When upgrading, the following steps needs to be taken in order to set up TalentsuiteOriginal integration: # Make a backup of talentsuite.config files in the root folder and in all the repositories and rename it TalentsuiteOriginal.config # Open TalentsuiteOriginal.config and rename the TalentSuite root tag with TalentSuiteOriginal tag - remember to also rename the closing tag and save the change. # In TalentsuiteOriginal.config, rename any occurrence of the "Qumas.TalentSuite.Strings." to the "Qumas.TalentSuiteOriginal.Strings." # As per the installation instructions from the IQ – Harvest the existing config and uninstall MYQ # Install MYQ 5.6 HF1 (Or Later) # Once the installation is completed Enable Original Integration in web.config by removing the comment tag.<resource uri="assembly://Qumas.MyQumas.TalentSuiteOriginal/Qumas.MyQumas.TalentSuiteOriginal # /TalentSuiteOriginal-spring.xml"/> # Disable the other TalentSuite instance - \{-} <! { - }{ - } <resource uri="assembly://Qumas.MyQumas.TalentSuite/Qumas.MyQumas.TalentSuite/TalentSuite-spring.xml" /> { - } -> # Take the TalentsuiteOriginal.config.from the backup for particular repository and copy it to the relevant repconfig location. # In the ~/repconfig folder open the default.config file make the following changes. a) right below this tag <section name="TalentSuite" type="Qumas.MyQumas.TalentSuite.Configuration.TalentSuiteConfigSection, Qumas.MyQumas.TalentSuite"/> add following tag: <section name="TalentSuiteOriginal" type="Qumas.MyQumas.TalentSuiteOriginal.Configuration.TalentSuiteOriginalConfigSection, Qumas.MyQumas.TalentSuiteOriginal"/> b) right below this tag <TalentSuite configSource="Config\TalentSuite.config"/> add following tag: <TalentSuiteOriginal configSource="Config\TalentSuiteOriginal.config"/> Restart IIS
MYQ-8435An issue was reported where a new template version dialog was downloading the PDF version instead of original content type This is resolved. A word version of documents created from a template is available to download.
MYQ-8446When a large number of users were selected to perform the Connect As function it resulted in an error. This is resolved. The Connect As feature will now perform without an error when there are a large number of users in the 'Connect As' Tab. The fix affects any multiple selection picker across the admin module.
MYQ-8447The MyQUMAS interface does not have the option to Reset Read & Understood. The option has been added and the Reset Read and Understood and the Reset All buttons are now displayed in the Read and Understood section on the document properties screen.
MYQ-8451An error occurs when opening and editing collections after creation. This is resolved. It is now possible to open collections for editing without errors even if the collection has extended attributes.
MYQ-8457A document can be successfully exported when the document numbering system contains a #.
MYQ-8459An error when applying the Korean language in MyQUMAS. This is resolved and an error no longer occurs when switching languages between browsers. The issue was applicable to all languages.
DOC-6324Documents with repeating extended attribute of type user fail to solr index. This issue is resolved. Repeating extended attribute of User type are successfully indexed.
MYQ-7053Currently if an LMS module is only created when the document is already at Authorised the Expected Effective Date is not set as the Deadline date. This has been resolved so when a module is created for a document that exists in a workflow at the authorised stage and the expected effective date exists within the workflow, the expected effective date is provided as the deadline date for an online module.
MYQ-8225In previous versions of MyQUMAS the file was first uploaded to the server and then the system checked if user has permission to do particular action (create document, checkin,...) In EDMS 2023 Hotfix 1 release the permission check is performed first (i.e. if user want to create document from very big PDF, and does not have right to do that then no PDF upload occurs and the user will get an immediate response).  Impacted areas: All areas where user can upload a file. That include "drag and drop" functionality as follows: Homepage ( drag and drop) Folder/Cabinets hierarchy( drag and drop) Workflow documents (drag and drop) Create document wizard - uploading file ( drag and drop + browse button) Create/edit document + Additional rendition (drag and drop + browse button) Checkin dialog ( drag and drop + browse button) Bulk Checkin dialog ( drag and drop + browse button)
MYQ-8310The close' button within the Catalog Editor does not close the properties of the module. This issue is resolved. The close button within the Catalog Editor will now close the properties of the module.
MYQ-8336Role Substitutes could not be changed nor cleared for Out of Office users in EDMS Admin. This is resolved/ Role substitutes can now be edited without issues for all users in the EDMS Admin application.
MYQ-8354Currently Documents are created with effective state after a Direct State change. This has been resolved so documents are now always created in Draft state, even if the create was preceded by a direct lifecycle state change on a different document.
MYQ-8355The Print Dialog hangs when the incorrect password is entered. This has been resolved. The Print tab will now allow the user to repeat the action even after the first attempt fails (e.g. because of an incorrect password).
MYQ-8386When 35 documents were created with an automation script a user could not edit the document properties. This issue has now been resolved. Registering audit trail events with the EventQueue was improved. Any audit trail events, that are generated on servers with no EventQueue installed (i.e. render servers, autopop servers...), will now be redirected to the master server by means of the QCSM service. The master server will perform the event registration with the EventQueue. The EventQueue is always expected to be installed on the master server. This change is crucial for the caching inside MyQUMAS, which relies on the EventQueue messages about events inside DocCompliance.
MYQ-8425Currently when Expected Effective date is passed and the document moves to the authorised stage, the date in the past is send to the LMS module. This is not the desired behaviour. This issue has been resolved so if a documents expected effective date is passed then a date is not passed to the Module Deadline due date. The 30 days from enrolment date is used for the module completion deadline.
MYQ-8430There was an issue where a deleted collaborative review remains in the workflow. This is resolved. When a collaborative review is deleted the review is removed from the workflow.
MYQ-8431If the audit trail search takes longer than the COM+ timeout configured for the EDMSAdmin application, an informative message displays.
MYQ-8433Illegal characters in JSON for SOLR highlights are no longer allowed.
MYQ-8436When the legacy Talent Suite was enabled for the hotfix the menu displayed the incorrect menu label. This is resolved. The Talent Suite Label is now displayed correctly in the Menu. This issue was introduced in the hotfix and not applicable to released versions.
MYQ-8439When creating a workflow from a document the full list of workflow types were displayed in the drop down. This is resolved. When selecting the "Add to New Workflow" option for a document on the hierarchy, the workflow wizard will only show workflow types relevant to that particular document. The same is true if multiple documents are selected on the hierarchy and added to a workflow as a bulk operation.
MYQ-8445Currently the Add Rendition button is disabled when dragging and dropping a document to Additional Renditions screen. This is resolved. When adding a new document rendition by dragging a file to the "Additional Renditions" tab of the document wizard, the Format field will is now correctly populated according to the file's extension, even if the Format dropdown hasn't yet been expanded by the user (i.e. the formats haven't been loaded from the backend). Also, the "Add Rendition" button will be correctly enabled.
MYQ-8452When the legacy talent suite integration was enabled for the hotfix release the user synch functionality did not work. This is resolved and the user sync will work for the talent suite integration.
MYQ-8453The Security setting 'CheckRedirectUrlPattern' should be added to the legacy Talent Suite configuration on Science Cloud. The setting CheckRedirectUrlPattern has been added to the legacy Talent Suite configuration on Science cloud. When installing on Science Cloud and Original LMS is enabled, CheckRedirectUrlPattern needs to be set to false.
SDK-829The User.SetProperties method is now working as expected even if the IdentificationId parameter is not passed in the request.
DOC-6282Currently disabled users are displayed in the Pending Read and Understood by user report. This has been resolved and disabled users are not displayed in the Pending Read & Understood by User report.
DOC-6298System Users Report does not return any information for Users who Name contains ě character. The system users report on the MSSQL provider now supports unicode characters in the input parameter.
MYQ-8390Add Folder Location selection was not sorted the same as the Hierarchy. When adding a folder to a location in MyQUMAS, the location selector will now have the hierarchy sorted from A-Z.
MYQ-8449If the "Edit Attributes" option is not selected for a particular step on the workflow type, the user should not be able to edit extended attributes of a workflow in that step. MyQUMAS now correctly disables controls in the workflow wizard, that should not be editable based on the "Edit Attributes" setting on the workflow type for the particular workflow step. The fix impacts Extended Attributes, Notes, Associated Workflows, Changes and Reasons.


BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS 2023 HF1 was released in 10-Feb-2023 and is available for download at https://software.3ds.com under BIOVIA products:

Product line: Lab, Scientific and Content Solutions

Release: QUMAS R2023x                                                                                                  

Level: QUMAS R2023x Golden

Fixes for this level: QUMAS R2023x Golden HF1

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