T66-2024 Notification regarding BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS 2023

We are providing this Technical Note to inform you about the release of BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS 2023 which includes the following enhancements and fixed defects:



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We are providing this Technical Note to inform you about the release of BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS 2023 which includes the following enhancements and fixed defects:


This release BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS includes the following enhancements.

User StoryDescription
MYQ-5007In the MyQUMAS 2023x release MyQUMAS is using text files (localization files), that can be edited directly on the MyQUMAS server.   The purpose of this change is : * To allow the ability to change the edited text * Ability to add a new Language
DOC-6145Added SUMMARYINTERVAL, AVGQUEUINGTIME, AVGPROCESSINGTIME, PENDINGCOUNT, COMPLETEDCOUNT, ERRORCOUNT into the QUEUETYPEDETAIL in Repository_GetChildNodesResponse Added new SEARCH node ALPHAFILTER into the QueueManagement_GenericRequest. The if the ALPHAFILTER ISDIRTY attribute is true then the CONTAINS condition will be applied on the job Title on the ALPHAFILTER value. Modified the Purge Queue service to use the purge interval from Queue Type properties. At the same time improved logging and removed the Purge Queue interval setting from the Repository Manager.
DOC-6223Updated Installer and Harvesting to use full connection string for MSSQL. Allows the ability to specify full connection string for MSSQL in Repository manager.
MYQ-7717The following libraries removed from MyQUMAS:   AppLimit.CloudComputing.SharpBox.dll Enyim.Caching.dll MemcachedProviders.dll Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Client.dll Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.Core.dll Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation.dll Microsoft.Practices.Unity.dll Microsoft.WindowsFabric.Common.dll Spring.Aop.dll Spring.Core.dll Spring.Data.dll Spring.Web.dll   additionally application pool changed from classic to integrated
MYQ-7919In the static translations screen there is an Export button which will enable the strings of a selected language to be exported to an excel file.
MYQ-8207The grid with the list of queues was extended - three columns were added: * Summary Interval * Average Queueing Time * Average Processing Time The field "Summary Over Last Month" was renamed to "Summary" and it displays numbers provided by DocCompliance. They are summary information calculated over the specific summary interval. On the screen with queue details, two new fields were added: * Purge Interval * Summary Interval On the Monitoring screen for a particular queue the "Scheduled For" column was replaced with "Submitted". When the user expands a row in the list of queued items to display details of the queued item, there are now three new fields: * Scheduled For (displayed here instead of the column of the main grid) * Processing Start * Processing End On the Monitoring screen for a particular queue there is a new *Title* field in the Filter section (top panel).
MYQ-8234PeopleFluent (Talent Suite) version 22.07 has been certified with ENOVIA QUMAS R2023x Golden.
SDK-808The *Workflow.GetProperties* call was extended to return the following properties: * Coordinator.GroupIdentifier * WorkflowReleaseConditionIdentifier * ScheduleReleaseDefaultIdentifier * AllowDocumentRetirement * UserProperty.ExtraInfo - for extended attributes of type "user" it pairs with "UserProperty.Value" and contains username for each value of that attributes * UserProperty.PickListIdentifier * UserProperty.Length Methods *Workflow.Create* and *Workflow.SetProperties* now both return property _WorkflowPermission_ that contains raw permission value for the created/updated workflow. The *Document.GetProperties* call was extended to return the following properties: * IsPrintType * OwningDepartmentRequired * UserProperty.IsMandatory * UserProperty.IsReadOnly * UserProperty.IsFreeText * UserProperty.IsRepeating * UserProperty.IsPickList * UserProperty.Length * UserProperty.ChangeType * KeywordOnlyAllowSelected * DocumentType.ExportVerificationRequired The *Collection.GetProperties* call was extended to return the following properties: * UserProperty.IsMandatory * UserProperty.IsReadOnly * UserProperty.IsFreeText * UserProperty.IsRepeating * UserProperty.IsPickList * UserProperty.Length * UserProperty.ChangeType A new method *DocumentTypes.GetLifeCycleStateSettings* was added to retrieve configuration of LC states for a specific document type. This method is more efficient than retrieving a complete set of properties for the doctype and it can be used by the UI when making a direct LC state change on a document. A new method *DocumentTypes.GetKeywordSettings* was added to retrieve configuration of keywords for a specific document type. This method is more efficient than retrieving a complete set of properties for the doctype and it can be used by the UI when editing a document. The *DocumentTypes.GetProperties* method now returns a new output property UserProperty.Type.PickListObjectName for extended attributes of type "picklist".
CS-308Adlib 6.5.1 has been certified with ENOVIA QUMAS R2023x Golden.
DOC-6092Implemented instant indexing of Document properties at the time saving the change into the database.  Newly created documents, changes of properties, checkout, checkin, workflow status change will be instantly visible and searchable in Solr search.  Document content, Solr bulk jobs (permissions etc.) and documents updated directly in the database will still be processed by the SolrIndexWatch service. The SolrIndexWatch service will still index all possible attributes of documents with pending status in the qm_document_index table or documents without a record in the  qm_document_index table. The additional Solr indexing will add some small time to the affected document/workflow operations, depending on environment. ~100ms on dev environment.  The size of the repository should not affect the time significantly. The load on the Solr server may have impact on the time.
DOC-6105Added Pre-requisites folder into the DocCompliance install files including scripts to install windows features required by DocCompliance. Updated the DocCompliance IQ_5719 accordingly.
MYQ-6825Unnecessary SDK calls were removed in MyQUMAS with the following changes implemented: The _WorkflowType.GetProperties_ was removed from both frontend and backend when opening the Workflow wizard for an existing Workflow. The _WorkflowType.FindWorkflowTypes_ call is not executed by the Workflow wizard when opening the wizard for an existing Workflow. The _User.GetProperties_ call is no longer executed by the backend for extended attributes of type "User" when opening the wizard for an existing Workflow. When saving an existing workflow, the _WorkflowType.GetProperties_ call is no longer executed by the backend. The following changes were made on the document wizard to achieve less SDK/COM+ calls. No _DocumentType.GetProperties_ call no longer done on save. No _DocumentType.GetProperties_ call when wizard is being opened => all details required to init the wizard are extracted on backend side from document properties. Keywords tab - the drop down list of keywords is no longer populated locally from the Document type properties. It's always loaded by calling the backend the first time the drop down is expanded, even if the _AllowSelectedOnly_ option is selected. Details tab: In edit mode the _Formats_ combo box is not populated, because it's always disabled. Only the current format is added to the drop down list. No backend calls are made. The drop down list of _LC states_ is no longer populated locally from the Document type properties. It's loaded by calling the backend only after the drop down is expanded. The _Document Type_ drop down list is only populated when the drop down is expanded - that means never in edit mode, as the control is disabled. Additional Renditions tab - the _Format_ drop down list is only loaded when the drop down is expanded (not on initialization of the wizard).   IMPACT: Impacts opening of the workflow wizard for editing. Please test that: The correct workflow type is displayed The extended attributes of all types are displayed correctly The panels are displayed correctly Please also verify that it's possible to clone an existing workflow. Impacts saving of an existing workflow after editing. Verify that all changes are saved correctly. The change impacts activation of a workflow from the context menu, from the wizard at creation time and from the wizard when a draft workflow is being edited. Impacts opening of a document wizard for editing. Please verify that: The document type is correctly displayed The current lifecycle state is correctly displayed and it's possible to change it to a different lifecycle as defined in the document type. The format is correctly displayed The extended attributes of all types are correctly displayed It is possible to select a format when adding an additional rendition It is possible to select a keyword Also impacts saving of changes on an existing document, creating a new document, cloning an existing document. This change impacts both document and workflow wizards, both when creating a new object and when editing an existing one. On the Extended Attributes tab, the drop down lists for attributes of type picklist are loaded only after the user expands the drop down control. No picklist-related SDK calls are made when opening the wizard.
MYQ-8220A Grid is available in MyQUMAS with the option to create/edit existing languages.
MYQ-8282MyQUMAS will utilize the EventQueue driven caching provided by the SDK API library by default.
SDK-791A new type of caching was implemented in the SDK API. It is "update aware" caching, which means that it monitors changes made on objects in DocCompliance or MyQUMAS and invalidates cached data affected by the change. This ensures that all cached data are up to date and allows us to use caching in greater extent. The update aware caching is meant to be mainly utilized by MyQUMAS, and therefore it is currently only supported by the API library (Qumas.eDocAPILib), not the SDK API service. It requires any changes on DocCompliance objects to be registered in the API library by calling the methods Qumas.eDocAPILib.DocAPIRequestDispatcher.RegisterObjectUpdate() Qumas.eDocAPILib.DocAPIRequestDispatcher.RegisterPermissionChange() That means that the application using the API library (e.g. MyQUMAS) needs to listen to all relevant EventQueue events and pass those events to the API library by calling the two methods. The update aware caching is fully managed by the SDK API, it is not possible to control it "from outside". That means that it is no longer possible to use the <Cache> section of the SDK request XML to control what data should be cached. However, the old (legacy) caching is still supported and works as before. For the SDK API service it is the only caching option. For the API library it is possible to switch between the two in the QumasSDK.config file, the <Cache> section. To enable the update aware caching, use <Cache Type="UpdateAware" /> To enable the legacy caching: <Cache Type="Legacy" /> SDK is now using the MemoryCache for all caching. Items are cached with sliding expiration. The default expiration time is 1h. It can be changed in configuration - QumasSDK.config. <Cache Type="Legacy" SlidingExpirationSeconds="3600"/> Use value of "0" to disable sliding expiration.

Fixed Defects

This release of BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS includes the following fixed defects.

Jira referenceJira description
DOC-6190The Event Queue source object ID for the Document.Release, Workflow.Revise and Document.Checkin events will be now the new object version. In case of Document.Checkin specifically, it will be the ID of the newly created document version; so if the document is a review copy, it will be ID of the newest version of the review copy. The source object ID will be used by the EventQueue to construct the output message label. However, for backward compatibility, this fix is only applied if the "Allow additional SDK API calls" option is deselected in the EQ configuration (i.e. the EQ is used without the SDK API service). If the "Allow additional SDK API calls" option is selected in the EQ config, the behaviour of the EventQueue will be as before and won't be affected by this fix. That also means that the message produced by the Document.Checkin event will contain the ID of the latest hierarchy version, even if the document, that was checked in, is a review copy.
DOC-6209The installer of DocCompliance, MyQUMAS, SDK will now only allow the GET, POST, PUT Verbs on the IIS Site level.
DOC-6222A SQL injection was resolved in the Hardcopy Management document type filter.
DOC-6271Fixed the issue processing Messages from the queue on Oracle.
MYQ-8102Fixed CSRF tokens for both admin and MyQUMAS application For the Admin, functionality could be disabled by the ValidateCSRFToken attribute (EDMSAdmin tag, by default this attribute is not present in config) For both Admin and MyQUMAS, when the token is invalid, the behavior is the same and the timeout would happen ( so if there is available and active session in MyQUMAS, Admin refresh his token automatically) Note that MyQUMAS part was implemented in MYQ-6997
MYQ-8215The installer of DocCompliance, MyQUMAS, SDK will now only allow the GET, POST, PUT Verbs on the IIS Site level.
MYQ-8219Fixed the XSS issue where an attack is possible through the content of the document.
MYQ-8229Fixed the XSS issue where an attack is possible through the HTML content of the document.
MYQ-8232The Add button and the adjacent controls were re-sized to fit into a single line even if the vertical scroll bar is visible. This resolves the issue where the Add' button was hidden in Edit Workflow dialog as the horizontal scrollbar was not displaying.
MYQ-8237The creation or editing of a group or role can now be completed successfully when adding the combination of characters “test #\{0}”.
MYQ-8240TImeout has been unified with rest of the timeouts to the value of 600, value made configurable if necessary ( COMPlusTimeout optional attribute of the EDMSAdmin tag in edmsadmin web.config)
MYQ-8259An XSS issue in the cabinet name was resolved.
MYQ-8260An XSS issue on delete popup was resolved.
MYQ-8263An XSS issue in the url was resolved.
MYQ-8267The XSS issue is fixed in the document properties screen.
MYQ-82691. The following configuration options are hidden from the configuration to resolve a stored XSS issue: Theme ClientPackage GlobalIEMode DisableActiveX HideLocalPathsSettingWithoutActiveXEnabled AutoLoginUrl 2. HTML characters are no longer allowed to be used in the configuration manager
MYQ-8270The XSS issue is fixed in the workflow screen.
MYQ-8274The user menu with the options languages, preferences, configuration and logout will now display correctly.
MYQ-8288With both SSO and NonSSO installed the file names are not changed to lower case. Impacts the scenario when both SSO and NonSSO versions are installed.
MYQ-8289The plugins enabled in the web.config file will now be displayed in the config manager.
MYQ-8291Newly created document types are now visible when creating documents.
MYQ-8296Standard users can now edit the properties of a collection.
MYQ-8301Users can now edit the properties of an under review document on the hierarchy without error.
MYQ-8311An XSS issue was resolved in EDMS Admin.
MYQ-8314Changes on panels can now be saved without issues on existing workflows.
MYQ-8320The XSS on department creation has been resolved.
MYQ-8323User can now successfully select a CAPPA after logging out of QProcess and logging back into MyQUMAS.
MYQ-8330The Import button in the static translations screen is hidden from the MyQUMAS UI as it is out of scope.
MYQ-8333Languages can now be enabled at the front end from Language Maintenance in MyQUMAS.
MYQ-8334When selecting language maintenance a console error will no longer occur.
MYQ-8337The Revert option in the language maintenance screen now functions correctly once IIS_IUSRS users have permissions on the localisationStrings dir and all the sub dirs. An iisrest is also required to see the change.
MYQ-8338The MyQUMAS installer will now grant access in to the temp folder for the application.
SDK-810Documents created from Document types with a "qu_" prefix can now be opened for editing without any issues.
SDK-813The SDK API service no longer supports storing of session data in the database (the SDK_SESSIONS table). As a result it is no longer possible to run the SDK in the web gardening or web farming mode. Those configuration options are not available neither in the API Config application, nor in the installer parameter file.
SDK-815The installer will now only allow GET, POST and PUT verbs on the IIS site.
CS-347The SecureBlackbox20.dll file will be now included in the bin folder of Content Services installation on the web server to allow QMc_RenderManager DCOM registration during the installation on web server.
DOC-6179The error only occurs if you send invalid input data into the COM+ call when creating a workflow. Doc frontend or MyQUMAS would never do that, so this will never happen to a normal user. It could happen to developers who deal with integrations utilizing the SDK.
DOC-6185The TestCrypt.exe tool will no longer provide the decryption functionality.
DOC-6201The Freetext entry will be now be audited when an extended attribute is added or modified on a Document Type or Workflow Type. Also the picklist name will be now be audited when an extended attribute of type picklist is added to the Workflow Type.
DOC-6202The Solr index will now update the document when workflow is cancelled to remove the "in workflow" flag.
DOC-6210The User Update task service will now work correctly on EDM.
DOC-6228The HideProviderExceptionMsg will now be set to true by default. During the migration from 4.11 or before to 4.12 the HideProviderExceptionMsg will be set to true by the installer.
DOC-6229The X-Powered-By and the Server HTTP header will no longer be returned by the DocCompliance web application.
DOC-6235It will now be possible to edit and save users properties when the user logs in in-between the editing of the user.
DOC-6238The QM_CABINET_R view will be now recreated by the Upgrader as part of database upgrade.
DOC-6246Updated the DocCompliance build properties to version 4.12 R2023 in the Help about dialog and Program & Features.
DOC-6252The date within the notification sent for ‘Release Date has been set’ will be new the correct newly set Release Date.
DOC-6273The error in HarvestConfiguration.bat will no longer occur.
DOC-6274It will be no longer possible to add document that is checked out on hierarchy to a workflow. Message: The Document/Collection 'XYZ' being added to the workflow is checked out, please check-in the document/collection or cancel the checkout and try again. will be displayed when the document being added in to the workflow is checked out on the hierarchy,
DOC-6277Permissions are now checked when a user is adding document, collection, folder or cabinet in to the favorites. This is required in order to resolve the issue where there was the ability to leak name of a "cabinet" as an unauthorized user in MyQUMAS application.
DOC-6281The Stored XSS and the HTML injection will no longer be possible.
DOC-6284The "You are not authorised to perform this task" message will be now used if the user has no permissions to view the cabinet.
DOC-6287The Stores XSS will no longer be possible as the cabinet/folder name will be HTML encoded when the title bar text is set.
MYQ-6746When a new document is creating from another document, the create document wizard will no longer remain loading on the screen.
MYQ-8150When a retention schedule is changed from the default value the change will now be maintained.
MYQ-8153Both the document and workflow wizards were optimized to make fewer calls to DocCompliance COM+ layer. That helps achieve a better performance when editing documents and workflows. The main changes are: • Properties of the relevant document/workflow type are no longer being retrieved when opening and saving an existing document/workflow. That makes saving of the edited object quicker. • List of document/workflow types is not retrieved if the wizard is opened for editing. It’s not needed, because the type cannot be changed anyway, and it makes opening of the wizard quicker. Other changes were implemented to generally make fewer HTTP calls to MyQUMAS backend when the wizard is being initialized for an existing document or workflow. Most of the drop-down lists in the wizard are now only populated after the user expands them, not at the time the wizard is opened. That makes the wizard initialization faster. Workflow activation was also optimized to make fewer COM+ calls. Activation will now be quicker when triggered both from the workflow’s context menu, or from the workflow wizard.
MYQ-8182The list of available keywords on the Advanced Search screen depends on the selected document type: - No document type is selected - all keywords are listed in the drop down list. - Document type with the _"Only Allow Selected Keywords"_ option is selected - only keywords defined on the document type are available in the drop down list. Also the combo box control doesn't allow free-text entry. - Document type which allows all keywords is selected - all keywords are listed in the drop down list.
MYQ-8262Typo in the Static Translations screen has been resolved.
MYQ-8264Resolved open redirect in Admin application, redirect uri does not allow absolute urls anymore.
MYQ-8272An Open redirect issue was resolved and is no longer allowed.
MYQ-8275An XSS issue in the url was resolved.
MYQ-8278The default string column is now displayed in the preview grid/export screen in static translations.
MYQ-8280A OpenRedirect issue was resolved by disabling absolute urls.
MYQ-8290The Document Type Extended Attribute Default values are now populated when creating a Document
MYQ-8292When a timeout occurs all the pending requests are queued and executed once the timeout is resolved.
MYQ-8293Fixed the SXSS issue in the annotation edit fields.
MYQ-8295When Privacy Policy is enabled at the system level, when a user logs in the link will be enabled and the user will be able to view the document. 
MYQ-8302An XSS issue was resolved in the change category event in the audit trail.
MYQ-8305User can now edit a document type successfully after a timeout.
MYQ-8307Document properties are now updated when a document is added to a workflow. The workflow details will now be visible on the document properties.
MYQ-8315Exporting files with Czech file names to a single ZIP file during bulk export of documents now contains the correct file names. File names inside the ZIP file are now encoded in UTF-8.
MYQ-8324The XSS on folder name has been resolved.
MYQ-8325The XSS issue has been resolved in the checkin popup.
MYQ-8326An XSS was resolved in force render.
SDK-818The about page now shows the correct information - version 4.12 and release R2023x.
SDK-821Results of COM+ methods that allow per-repository caching, are now correctly shared between all users.
SDK-823Retrieval of permissions (by the Workflow.GetProperties method) as well as the method Application.GetConfiguration are now working without issues even if the "Legacy" caching is enabled.
CS-349Updated build properties to 2.14 R2023 to reflect 2.4 and ENOVIA QUMAS R_2023_Golden
DOC-6247Duplicate R&U notification will no longer be sent when a user is added into a group or role for a document at authorized or pending release.
MYQ-8185The "To" label is now displayed beside the "date to" datepicker control on the Hardcopy Management screen.
MYQ-8322A check for DisplayTo attribute has been added for the Quick Search to resolve the issue where quick search was available to all users.


BIOVIA ENOVIA QUMAS EDMS 2023 was released in 18-Nov-2022 and is available for download at https://software.3ds.com under BIOVIA products:

Product line: Lab, Scientific and Content Solutions

Release: QUMAS R2023x                                                                                                  

Level: QUMAS R2023x Golden

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