T37-2024 Notification regarding BIOVIA Foundation 2021 SP1 HF3

Technical Note T37-2024

10 December 2021


Notification regarding BIOVIA Foundation 2021 SP1 HF3


BIOVIA Foundation

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We are providing this Technical Note to inform you about the release of BIOVIA Foundation 2021 SP1 HF3 which includes the following enhancements and fixed defects:


There are no new Enhancements for this release.

Fixed Defects

This release of BIOVIA Foundation includes the following fixed defects.

SEC-7873The LINUX LabOps Collection now includes the correct Pipeline Pilot packages for the 2021 SP1 HF1 release.
DAT-12301USCup, tbsp, tsp & ptIMP units imported from CISPro have an incorrect conversion divisor. The CISPro base unit for volume is Liter while Hub's base unit for volume is cubic meter.
DAT-13710Crawler job definition records are not archived by the message archiver.
DAT-15901When you configure Foundation, you can specify an alias to use for a server. However, if you later edit the configuration, Foundation changes the rooturl and sslrooturl to the servername instead of using the alias name. A workaround is to edit the app-config.groovy file by changing the rooturl and sslrooturl to point to the alias name, and then restart the HUB service.
DAT-17476In the BIOVIA test lab, Hub performance slows when 20 or more users in the system are simultaneously and continuously sending task requests with $expand=$policy (typically task widgets) to a single server.
DAT-21358Switching collaborative spaces via the API fails when not utilizing cookies.
DAT-21586Hub, which has a maximum precision of 15 digits, will not display an error message if trying to save a number greater using the APIs.
DAT-21810The master data signature setting controls signing within the Admin & Settings application. It does not apply to master data changes made via API.
SEC-5450It is possible to get duplicate equipment reading mappings in a data acquisition activity by mapping two Activity Parameters to the same Equipment Reading Mapping. If this is done, only the results for the first parameter are retrieved.
SEC-6186If a field in a data packet is named "instrument sample id" (case insensitive), the Data Preview page cannot open the measurement because of a conflict with a default field name.
SEC-6474Task-level parameter values are duplicated in the Activity Results tab when a data acquisition task is executed and a CSV file is uploaded from the data preview page.
SEC-6615In some situations, results sent from Chromeleon can remain in the NEW state until the user presses the Parse Now button. Once that button is pressed, all NEW results jobs will be processed.
SEC-6681Capture Hub incorrectly passes the Container ID into the first process result parameter defined on the Task. As a result, the Task Plan Results tab displays the Container ID for the first process results parameter and not the value entered in Capture Hub.
SEC-6794The Collect Sample action incorrectly decrements the CISPro container's net quantity if the sample and container have mismatched units (for example, Box, Cases, Each) for the Each unit type.
SEC-6921Measurements with > 10,000 rows can take several minutes to display in the measurement viewer.
SEC-7093Deleting a user directory that has synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory throws a generic error.
SEC-7099In some situations, the keystore information may not be present on the Hub Configuration page in Admin and Settings following an upgrade to 2021 HF3. Hub will still be functional but the keystore settings will not be displayed on the page. After upgrading, review the Hub Configuration page and re-apply the keystore settings if they are missing.
SEC-7100Configuring an Active Directory user directory with "username" bound to "cn" prevents login.
SEC-7313Materials grid and Sample grid edit mode does not keep open the dropdown options for the bottom row.   
SEC-7363Task Plan opened in read-only mode incorrectly allows the user to scan container IDs into the Materials tab.

The "Restart" button on the Hub Configuration page may not successfully restart the Hub service. If this happens, restart the Hub service via the operating system (Services app in Microsoft Windows). 


Note:  A second service (Integration Gateway) is present but is not used by the system. When restarting Hub you will see a message indicating the Integration Gateway service will also be restarted. This is expected.

SEC-7892The report "Recipe Approval Report 2020" fails to execute in Compose when the BIOVIA OneLab Pipeline Pilot Server is deployed on Linux.
DAT-12352The Hub Configuration page allows you to restart the server without prompting you to save any changes you have made.
DAT-13347In Edit mode, the Vocabularies page displays only the first 200 entries. Workaround: To edit vocabularies with more than 200 entries, use the Admin and Settings Vocabulary Entries page at (replace <server> and <port> with the values for your deployment): https://<server>:<port>/foundation/hub/admin#/setting/Vocabulary%20Entries.  
DAT-14249The "Text Name" field of a Unit is limited to 50 characters.
DAT-14260When some Foundation Hub grids are filtered, the item count is not adjusted. Additionally, if the original list was large (for example more than 200 items), but the result of applying the filter is small, empty pages are displayed when the user clicks the Next or Last buttons to page through the results.
DAT-14470The Task tab's Correction Needed button is always disabled for Procedure tasks, but is enabled for Data Acquisition tasks. Users can, however, request corrections for Procedure tasks by choosing that option from the Review page.
DAT-14519When you sort a Task Planner grid based on a column that includes a value and units, such as hrs and days, the units are disregarded.
DAT-15924In a load-balanced environment, the Host name in the Configuration page and corresponding entry in the HUB_NODE database table must use the same upper/lower case convention, or the Foundation service will fail to start and may display the following error: 'ORA-00001: unique constraint (HUBUSER.HUB_NODE_UK) violated'.

In Foundation Hub, you can set up an Equipment Type with a Reading whose Parse Method is Regular

Expression, but the Chrome browser does not always parse certain blank characters (like CR, LF) correctly. The workaround is to use a different browser such as Internet Explorer to set up such readings.

DAT-17537The Tasks widget provides a second horizontal scroll bar when the Filter panel is expanded. For some browser window sizes, this scroll bar is not always visible, which makes it difficult to scroll horizontally. Workaround: Minimize the task filter to remove the extra scroll bar.
DAT-20200Sample grid edit mode does not allow revising the Date Collected value.
SEC-4398BadAccessToken messages are logged at the WARN level in Foundation Hub. These messages do not cause any issues, but do make it more difficult to find important error information in the log files.
SEC-4844If Kerberos authentication is enabled, users get an "Unauthorized" error message after they sign out of the application.
SEC-4884On Chinese Windows Server 2012, selecting "Foundation" authentication in Pipeline Pilot Admin causes Kerberos authentication fields to be displayed.
SEC-5067Foundation cannot register third-party Pipeline Pilot packages that do not specify a version number. Consequently, those packages cannot use Foundation for authentication.
SEC-5894Modifying user directory attribute mappings in a load balanced deployment requires a restart of all nodes to ensure that the new mappings are propagated properly.
SEC-5923It should be possible to change the role (Relationship Type field) of a group's Related User by editing the group, but the role can be changed only by editing the user.
SEC-6004The BIOVIA\Foundation\webapps\embedded\WEB-INF\classes\resources\data folder should not contain a file titled 'IDS_Equipment_Types_18_1_0_bug.zip'.
SEC-6374Empower: Sending more than 85 results fails if a report is selected and the "Consolidate All Results into Single Report" option is not selected. The request fails because the length is too long. Workaround: Always select the Consolidate Results option when sending more than 85 results.
SEC-6614The Chromeleon Add-In sends results for sequences with components. If a sequence that has no components is sent, the empty results file causes a parser error for the equipment work item. This issue can be verified by viewing the CSV file attached to the equipment work item. Workaround: ensure that the Chromeleon sequence has defined components before sending results.

Due to security requirements of the BIOVIA Foundation Hub service, the Empower and Chromeleon Add-Ins are required to use TLS 1.2 to connect to Hub.  If you run the Empower Add-In with an Empower client installation on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, or Microsoft Windows 7, you must enable TLS 1.2 support in the operating system. However, if you use Microsoft Windows Server 2012 or later, or Microsoft Windows 8 or later, TLS 1.2 is enabled by default.

For more information about enabling TLS 1.2 on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2, see Microsoft knowledge base article KB4019276.

SEC-6746The client IP address may contain extra addresses when traffic between the client computer and the server passes through proxy servers. The client IP address will be the first IP address in the list.
SEC-6792The Sample Import page shows all Empower custom fields that match output parameters in the task plan. However, it imports only sample-level custom fields.

Empower: When using the replicate expansion feature (part of Import Samples), the import should be blocked when the replicate geometry (# of injections * # of replicates) does not match the sample layout in the source Empower Sample Set Method.

However, the import succeeds in a specific case: when samples are manually mapped during import and there would be more rows created for the sample than exist in the source Sample Set Method. In this case the import succeeds but the replicates are not fully expanded. The analyst should receive an error message instead.

The Sample Set Method can be manually edited to fix the replicates to match the expected values.   


Empower: When using the replicate expansion feature (part of Import Samples), the import is blocked when the replicate geometry (# of injections * # of replicates) does not match the sample layout in the source Empower Sample Set Method.

The error message returned in this case is not descriptive: "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index".

SEC-7621Empower: When configured to require signing of results, the presence of a superseded result will cause the upload to be blocked because the superseded result is not signed, even when "Exclude Superseded Results" is checked.
SEC-7622Empower: The Empower Add-In will send a signed-off result without a report when the "Existing Signoff Report" option is selected in the report dropdown and that result does not have a signoff report.

Empower: Generating a new Signoff Report with "Consolidate all results into single report" enabled only sends the sign off report for the first sample. Use the "Existing Signoff Report" option to send reports for all samples.

(Note: requires Empower to be configured to store the signoff report.)

DAT-14302Using the mouse scroll wheel to move through a list of entries can cause the list to close.
DAT-21994Sample Chain of Custody report requires resizing of the Browser to view the Event Time and User columns.
SEC-6680The domain setting in the User Directory administration page cannot be edited after the domain is created.
SEC-7433The Hub installer enables the setting of a port number for the integration gateway. The setting is not functional in this release and has no effect on system operation.


BIOVIA Foundation 2021 SP1 HF3 was released on 10 December 2021 and is a controlled availability release. To get access to this release, please contact BIOVIA Support.

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