E-seminar Overview

Transportation & Mobility

Find out about the solutions Dassault Systèmes has for Vehicle Lightweighting and how to leverage them.

We explain the meaning of WLTP and why it is causing so much disruption to the industry and show you the solutions Dassault Systèmes has developed to address these challenges.

Gear meshing plays an important part in the vibrational and acoustical behavior of gearboxes and drivetrains.

We start with an introduction of the different tools addressing multi-phase. We will then look at Soiling and Water management within the T&M industry, Pandemic simulations with regards to PPE and HVAC design, Dynamic Flooding/Stability for Marine and Offshore, Gear lubrication for Industrial Equipment and DigitalROCK for Oil and Gas.

This workshop explores the technical details of noise & vibration simulation for wind noise and sound package workflows.

Explore how to use digital solutions to diagnose noise & vibration issues early in the vehicle development process and optimize shapes and materials to address noise sources and paths.

Discover the benefits of integrating multidisciplinary simulation to identify and address noise and vibration issues to design better vehicles efficiently.

Learn how to find the best trade-offs for range, safety, and durability, while balancing cost and performance, with battery module and pack engineering.

Learn how multi-disciplinary workflows can be used to simulate the complexity of an electric drive and evaluate multiple design variants quickly and efficiently.

Discover how multi-disciplinary simulation can be used to explore innovative new design ideas and identify the best trade offs early in the design process.

In the first episode of the Champion e-seminar series, Lin Biao WANG from Continental Automotive Singapore will present how he uses CST Studio Suite to model and analyze ESD field coupling from the harness to the DUT. Through the visualization of 2D field plots and 3D field animations, the root cause of the problem was identified.

Numerical flow simulations using the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) evolved over the past 30 years to become a widely used CFD tool in industry.

See how easy is to design IoT devices embedding Virtual Antenna™ with CST Studio Suite.

Discover the solutions proposed by SIMULIA to enable the digital design of engine cooling systems.

As consumers are looking for refreshing and comfortable experiences, cabin design is taking center stage as a dominant selling factor for the automotive, aerospace and industrial equipment industries.

Gear meshing plays an important part in the vibrational and acoustical behavior of gearboxes and drivetrains. This is especially relevant for analyzing electric drives. To reproduce the behavior in a simulation model, all these elements have to be represented in an appropriate way (e.g. as flexible bodies or force elements) meaning multibody simulation is the tool of choice.

The first of it’s kind, Denso Engine Cooling Module (ECM) library offering empowers OEM’s with billions of options to choose the right engine cooling module that exceeds performance, meets budget and timeline.

Learn how to find the best trade-offs for range, safety, and durability, while balancing cost and performance, with battery module and pack engineering.

Discover SIMULIA solutions that enable the design of comfortable, connected, yet energy-efficient vehicle cabins.

Highlights: Overview of industry challenges around cabin comfort; energy-efficient & quiet climate systems for thermal comfort; comfortable cabins that meet safety regulations; connected infotainment systems.

Understand the industry trends to design modern, optimized, and efficient powertrains. Review the engineering and simulation challenges that customers are suffering from as-is design process, then provide 3DEXPERIENCE platform based solutions that would reduce the development time, lower warranty costs, and improve fuel economy.

An overview of the Chassis and Suspension Strength & Durability IPE. Understand the market challenge and the benefits of using DS products for Chassis and Suspension Strength & Durability.

Learn how Dassault Systèmes solutions can reinforce vehicle concept engineering, by bringing performance assessment earlier in the design phase, facilitating collaboration and reuse of company data and knowhow and empowering teams to evaluate more designs faster to find best trade-offs for the vehicle architecture.

An introduction to the vehicle dynamics topic showing a brief overview of the typical vehicle dynamics analysis such as handling, driveability, ride & comfort, durability, noise and vibration and mechatronics system experience simulation.

An overview of how Dassault Systèmes’ solutions help create better vehicles at the earliest stages of design by providing tools for quick concept development, and accurate prediction of performance.

Discover the requirements coming from the new generation of vehicles focusing on the design and optimization of electric drive and powertrain for which electromagnetic (EM) simulation plays a key role.

Discover the recent advances in crash and safety simulations, and latest developments in explicit solver technology in Abaqus/Explicit that enables higher fidelity and “life-like” simulations that can be turned around overnight.

Learn about Dassault Systemes solutions for Vehicle Lightweighting. This includes sophisticated material models and associated joining technologies to enable the mixed material strategy favored by most OEMs; as well as optimization techniques at both the system and subsystem level.

We highlight the challenges facing traditional vehicle designers as their products become more high tech. We discuss simulation and platform solutions to manage the complexity as well as regulatory issues to ensure optimal design at best cost.