Vehicle Digital Design for Studio and Early Concepts

On Demand

The first step in designing a vehicle is balancing form and function.

A beautiful vehicle is best, but it needs to be functional. The shape needs to efficiently move through the air. Under the surface, the structure needs to perform for all of the abuse the vehicle will encounter. Finding this balance at the start of vehicle design is essential to prevent expensive rework late in development. This eSeminar will provide an overview of how Dassault Systèmes’ solutions help create better vehicles at the earliest stages of design by providing tools for quick concept development, and accurate prediction of performance.

eSeminar Highlights:

  • Vehicle concept engineering
  • Vehicle aerodynamics concept design
  • Vehicle structure concept design
  • Efficient vehicle design

Who should attend?
Vehicle architects, aerodynamicists, vehicle body engineers, Simulation Group Managers and Engineers, Engineering Department Heads

Bradley DUNCAN

Bradley DUNCAN | Technical Sales Director, Aerodynamics Methodology Group, Transportation & Mobility Experience Management, SIMULIA Centers of Excellence

Brad supports the sales team and customers in the area of vehicle aerodynamics. He holds a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cincinnati where he studied transient aerodynamics and transition to turbulence.  He worked in NASCAR aerodynamics for seven years before joining Exa Corporation in 2005 and Dassault Systèmes in 2017.

Brad is responsible for CFD best practices & methodology for aerodynamics applications as well as supporting PowerFLOW R&D.  He has over 60 technical papers on vehicle aerodynamics, and vehicle soiling and water management, and has worked in the areas of realistic wind conditions using upstream turbulence, simulating particles and film, performing transient aerodynamics analysis, and parametric optimization for aerodynamics with visual design guidance techniques. 


Ashish AGGARWAL | CATIA NAM SFE Senior Solution Consultant

Ashish is a senior consultant in CATIA SFE CoE with expertise in BIW structure development and shape optimization. His role is to support CATIA SFE pre-sales and services in North American market. He was one of the first member of Advanced structures development and optimization group, at one of Michigan based automotive OEM. This group specializes in developing processes and templates for advanced BIW design and optimization. He has 8 years of experience of implementing and selling CATIA SFE across different industries.