The SIMULIA Living Heart Human Model is a high-fidelity multiphysics model of a healthy, 4-chamber adult human heart and proximal vasculature. The response of the Living Heart is governed by realistic electrical, structural, and fluid flow physics. The model comprises a ready to execute dynamic, electro-mechanical simulation; refined geometry; a blood flow model, and a complete characterization of cardiac tissues including passive and active behaviors, its fibrous nature, and the electrical pathways.

Backed by the power of the SIMULIA Realistic Simulation software suite, the Living Heart can readily be used to study cardiac defects and diseased states and explore treatment options. Model attributes can be modified or redefined entirely, including the geometry, loads and boundary conditions, and material properties. Medical devices can be inserted into the model to study their influence on cardiac function, to validate their efficacy, and to predict their reliability under a wide range of operating conditions.

The Living Heart Human Model was developed within the Living Heart Project, a translational initiative to advance the use of simulation in the delivery of safe and effective cardiovascular devices and clinical treatments.

Verification & Validation

Key methodologies and functionalities employed in the model have been verified in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 certified processes. Key model outputs have also been validated against those that are clinically meaningful, measured, and have been published in reputable sources.

Use Cases

The model has been used to examine several use cases that be found on the Living Heart Project website. 

Use of model to study novel annuloplasty
ring for correction of mitral regurgitation

Pacemaker Lead Insertion and
Cardiac Cycle Simulation

Cardiovascular Stent Deployment and Cardiac Cycle Simulation


The Living Heart Model can be used on premise or on cloud with the 3DEXPERIENCE R2017x platform or newer.