Battery Engineering

From Chemistry to Systems

Digital Battery Solutions for All Scales

Batteries are the new fuel tanks in electric vehicles. They need to store as much energy as possible to minimize range anxiety, as well as maintain safety in case of unexpected events. Batteries are highly complex systems, requiring advanced engineering methods at all levels: from chemistry to cell engineering, to module and pack engineering, and finally integration into full vehicles.

Dassault Systemes provides battery solutions for all of these scales. Our BIOVIA brand provides chemistry modeling capabilities to optimally design battery materials for aging. Our CATIA brand provides battery libraries to efficiently use 1D simulation for cells, modules, and packs. In this system-level representation, the aging, thermal, and electrical behaviors of each cell are combined to understand how an entire module of cells behaves.

With the molecular level modeling characteristics, the mechanical, thermal, diffusion, and electrical behavior of the individual cell can then be simulated in 3D. SIMULIA capabilities are extensively used on cell and full battery modules to improve strength, stiffness, and safety in abuse test scenarios. Finally, battery packs integrated into full vehicle models can be simulated for realistic test conditions. The connection between these scales of information is key and requires a unified engineering platform, such as the one provided by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.