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Connecting Worlds with CIDEON 3DX xPDM - SAP InterfaceWith the CIDEON 3DX xPDM - SAP Interface, CIDEON provides a powerful, high-performance integration...

A solution by: CIDEON

Application domain: Infrastructure

Solution Overview

Connecting Worlds with CIDEON 3DX xPDM - SAP InterfaceWith the CIDEON 3DX xPDM - SAP Interface, CIDEON provides a powerful, high-performance integration solution for connecting the world of SAP with the 3D EXPERIENCE system landscape. The integration synchronizes business objects (for e.g. Parts and structures, materials, BOM etc.) and processes (for e.g.change management, release scenarios etc.) on demand or fully automatically based on various system triggers, between 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and SAP and vice a versa.As standard feature, CIDEON interface supports important PLM functionalities in the Dassault environment such as parts and BOM management in the 3DEXPERIENCE landscape. On the SAP side objects in Material Management such as Materials, Bills of Material with associated Change Master Records, Documents and Bills of Documents including status and maturity are supported. The interface is very flexible in terms of the Business objects mapping between the two systems and can be easily extended with many enhancement possibilities as per the business requirements.Product Highlights Completely automatic and asynchronous synchronization of data and processes between 3DEXPERIENCE platform and SAP Bidirectional data- and process mapping Support of SAP Change Management objects (ECR, ECO) Highly flexible, customizable and extendable mapping rules Event-controlled, customizable synchronization workflows (status- and parameter based) Mechanisms for object- and data filtering Excellent performance even with large data volumes Scalable and reliable architecture Complete traces of the synchronization process through detailed logging of all data transfer activities Comprehensive administration tools for easy administration and controlled synchronization processIf you have additional questions about CIDEON 3DX xPDM - SAP Interface please send them to info@cideon.com.


  • Quick and optimum adjustment to business processes
  • Easy handling of complex product information
  • Speed-up product development process through timely and company-wide availability of information
  • Ensures enterprise wide availability of consistent product data across different systems
  • Avoids double data input and ensure integrated release processes between 3DEXPERIENCE platform and SAP
  • Cuts costs by reacting quickly to changes
  • Avoids gaps in data and transmission errors
  • Relieves staff of routine tasks
  • Offers easy and cost effective way to build highly customizable and flexible „Out of the Box“ scenarios for a prototype or test installation

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