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Collaboration Gateway

Proficiency Collaboration Gateway is a feature-based translation solution enabling the transfer of complete design intelligence between major CAD systems,...

A solution by: ITI PROFICIENCY

Application domain: Infrastructure

Solution Overview

Proficiency Collaboration Gateway is a feature-based translation solution enabling the transfer of complete design intelligence between major CAD systems, such as geometry, features, sketches, manufacturing information, metadata, assembly information and drawings in the conversion process. Accurate and usable models are achieved with up to 95% automation. Proficiency also provides a CATIA V5 CAD Completion Wizard to help users improve the automated results when required. Proficiency offers automated reporting, including feature Q/A validation, transaction records, plus integrations of CADIQ (for source-to-target validation and downstream usability analysis) and CADfix (for BREP translation and repair if required). The solution is packaged as a scalable web-based server and may be integrated as part of a PLM workflow or embedded in an interoperability automation solution.Proficiency uses the API of the source CAD system to extract feature and parameter data. This information is then mapped to equivalent CATIA V5 features and parameters and validated. Fully featured CATIA V5 parts, assemblies and drawings are then automatically remastered and created by the Proficiency CATIA V5 Design Agent via calls to the CATIA V5 CAA api.In addition, the Proficiency CATIA V5 Drawing to PMI Application will automatically convert a 3D CATPart and its’ associative 2D CATDrawing to give a single 3D CATPart containing Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) including views, cross sections, functional tolerances and annotations, ready for use in CATIA 3D Master applications.With Proficiency, high quality CAD models are translated without losing their workability or manufacturing data. The process not only preserves the design history, but more importantly adds value by removing old issues embedded in the original model and extracting additional added value from a CAD migration or conversion. This results in fully functional models in CATIA V5, which retain the original product knowledge while providing a reliable basis for further development.


  • Streamline CAD data migration to CATIA V5 from other CAD systems including CATIA V4, NX, I-deas, Creo, Solid Edge, Inventor and SolidWorks

  • Retain all design intelligence when migrating CATIA V5 or collaborating and sharing CAD data

  • Designers can access legacy data whenever it is required, and reuse existing designs regardless of the source CAD system

  • Designers are able to spend more time designing, and less time recreating or re-mastering past designs

  • Rapid migration of legacy CATPart and associative CATDrawings to create 3D Master CATParts and eliminating expensive, error prone manual migration processes

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