Developer Training

Dassault Systemes provides V5/V6 Software Partners and Adopters with training courses for CAA V5 and V6/3DEXPERIENCE application development on C++.

About trainings

If you are part of the Dassault Systèmes Software Partner Community, your agreement includes the CAA training courses at Vélizy headquarter, France. For the number of employees that training is provided for and details, please refer to your CAA V5/V6 agreement or contact your Account Manager.


In addition to training provided in your agreement, you may also register any number of additional employees for training, as well as register for other CAA V5/V6 training courses.


For training registrations beyond what is provided in your CAA V5/V6 agreement or if you are a DS customer, a commercial proposal will be sent to the employee you designate in the registration form. Registration is not confirmed until your purchase order is received. If your purchase order is not received eighteen (18) days before the first day of training, your registration will be cancelled.


For more information on CAA V5/3DEXPERIENCE training course, please contact us and let us know the session your are interested in, the number of attendees and the contact responsible for the purchase order.

Required for anybody developing CAA V5 applications in the scope of our Authoring Solutions

DURATION: 5 days

Objectives: The attendees will be taught the basic and necessary knowledge to fully benefit from the CAA V5 Architecture. Students will know how to integrate their components within V5 using existing V5 objects, how to develop new applications and deliver them to the customer.

Participants' profile: C++ programmers ONLY.


To take full advantage of this instruction, participants are expected to be familiar with:

  • CATIA V5 trainings (*) (Mandatory)
  • C++ industrial programming practice (Mandatory)
  • COM (Microsoft Object Model) notions (Nice to have)
  • Microsoft Developer Studio practice (Nice to have)

(*) Recommended trainings: Part Design or Shape Design + Assembly + Knowledgeware

Content Abstract:

Openness and Development Architecture

  • One Technological Choice
  • CAA Solution Architecture
  • CAA Development Tools Basics

Object Modeler

  • Overview
  • Interface / Implementation Design Pattern
  • Link between Interface & Implementation
  • Extension Mechanism
  • Late Type
  • Life Cycle
  • Smart Pointer
  • Coding Rules

Feature Modeler

  • Overview
  • Feature Definition
  • Feature Creation Mechanism
  • Feature Behaviors

    Mechanical Modeler

  • Overview
  • MechanicalFeature Definition

Geometrical Modeler

  • Overview
  • Mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Topology
  • Topology & Geometry Relationship

Application Frame

  • CATIA V5 frame editor
  • Workshop, Workbench & Addin

User Interaction

  • Commands
  • Dialog Objects
  • Layout Management
  • Command / Dialog Integration
  • Resources

Selection Mechanism

  • Selection in an Interactive Session
  • Filter
  • Brep Feature
  • Featurization


  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Graphic Properties
  • Refresh
  • Visualization Objects
  • Manipulator

Product Structure & Assembly

  • Product
  • Connector
  • Publication
  • Constraint


  • Overview
  • Literal Feature
  • Relation

Software Quality Management

  • Programming Rules
  • C++ source Checker: mkCheckSource
  • Test Tool: mkodt
  • Documentation Generation: mkMan

Training material and method used:

  • Classroom with 10 participants maximum, 2 per Windows machine
  • Teacher's presentation & demos for one third of the time; two-thirds for hands on practice
  • Practice: a simple application to be enriched by a new object type to illustrate all these components and all the application development aspects
  • Training material handed out in paper format