Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : HD2 V5, MD2 V5

Product Overview

CATSTAMP provides CATIA V5 users with detailed formability analysis for evaluation and validation of stamped components and draw developments. Formability analysis is based on component or die geometry and accounts for material properties, friction, blank holder force, pressure pad, drawbeads, curved binder, and displacement constraints. CATSTAMP determines if a component can be stamped consistently with minimum cost, while fulfilling all product performance requirements.

Customer Benefits

  • Accurately predicts feasibility of binder and addendum geometry
  • Capitalizes on the seamless integration with native geometry in CATIA V5
  • Identifies 90% of forming feasibility issues within minutes, to substantially reduce financial risks and draw die development time
  • Simulation results include safety zones, forming zones, FLD, splitting, thinning, wrinkling, thickening, stress, strain, and optimal blank shape