SaberES Designer for CATIA V5


Engineering Domain : Equipement & Systems Engineering
Prerequisites : ELB V5, EWR V5, MD2 V5

Product Overview

Synopsys’ SaberES Designer™ provides an integrated process for electrical system design from concept to manufacturing. Redundant data entry is nearly eliminated fostering correct-by-construction and first-pass success. SaberES Designer is used to author electrical connectivity and design content and then populates the CATIA 3D model with wires, connectivity, connectors, splices, harnesses, etc. After the wire harness is routed in CATIA, wire lengths, layout, positions, and mechanical passives can be passed back to the Saber environment for simulation and manufacturing outputs to suppliers. The close, two-way integration greatly improves product quality and engineering productivity.

Customer Benefits

  • Create schematic drawings and connectivity diagrams using SaberES Designer
  • Export component and wire, position the components and route the wires 
  • Import the added geometrical data in SaberES Designer with correct length information
  • Simulate electrical functions, create drawings, and generate data for manufacturing with SaberES Designer