Space-E CAA V5 Based Core&Cavity Design standalone


Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : MD2 V5

Product Overview

Space-E CAA V5 Based reads and writes V5 data thus avoiding tedious data conversion for die and mold processes. Space-E CAA V5 Based presents drastic productivity gains in both die and mold processes and their function.

Space-E CAA V5 Based Core&Cavity Design facilitates the detail design of molded parts by providing automation for core and cavity definition. Offers tools for a quick assessment of part moldability based on mechanical criteria to optimize cost of manufacturing.

Customer Benefits

  • Optimization of preparing a part (core & cavity design) that will be manufactured using an injection molding manufacturing process.
  • Quality improvement of the mold and molding product.
  • Integration with the mold structure, tooling design and the 3 axis machining.