Space-E CAA V5 Based Mold Design


Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : MD2 V5

Product Overview

Space-E CAA V5 Based is the combination of CATIA technology and the optimum solution NDES realized for Japanese die and mold industry.

Space-E CAA V5 Based reads and writes V5 data thus avoiding tedious data conversion for die and mold processes. Space-E CAA V5 Based presents drastic productivity gains in both die and mold processes and their function.

Space-E CAA V5 Based Mold Design provides dedicated features to design associative mold structures. It includes catalogs of standard mold components from major providers (Futaba, Misumi, Hasco, DME,.)

Customer Benefits

  • Integration of the corporate knowledge for mold structure and design.
  • Mold quality improvement.
  • Mold structure design time is shortened.