Real-time Interaction for DELMIA V5 Human (RTID)


Engineering Domain : Product Synthesis
Prerequisites : AP2 V5

Product Overview


RTID "Real-Time Interaction for Delmia Human" is a CAAV5-based plug-in for Delmia V5TM dedicated to process simulation and ergonomic analysis, based on Haption's IPSI physics engine. Consisting in two sets of V5 commands, it appears as two new toolbars:


  • RTID Core provides tools for interactive physic simulation session
  • RTID Human complements RTID Core with human simulation functionalities



RTID Core lets you:

  • Work with any kind of V5 data: CatPart, CGR, STP, ...
  • Feel contact forces and gravity
  • Record object motions as Delmia Move Activities and load kinematic constraints from V5 mechanisms
  • Control the precision down to sub-millimeter levels
  • Use any kind of haptic device (Virtuose, Inca, Able), tracking system (ART, Motion Analysis, VICON, trackd), 6D USB mouse from 3Dconnexion


RTID Human lets you:

  • Transfer the geometry and kinematics of a V5 manikin to the physics simulation
  • Animate the V5 manikin in real-time and compute contacts in real-time
  • Attach haptic devices to the hands of the V5 manikin
  • Control all segments of the V5 manikin using a full-body tracking system: Animazoo, ART, Motion Analysis, Vicon and Xsens
  • Control the manikin's hands using instrumented gloves, such as CyberglovesTM II or FingerTrackingTM
  • Record motion of the V5 manikin in real-time, store it as a series of MoveToPosture activities, then replay with or without collision cues


RTID requires AP2 + MHT + MHB pre-requisites

Customer Benefits

  • Validate Human constraint on assembly and mounting processes
  • Evaluate tooling
  • Verify human accessibility, reachability, visibility
  • Assess maintainability procedure
  • Ergonomic validation