IFC Human


Engineering Domain : Product Synthesis
Prerequisites : HBR V5

Product Overview

IFC Human : Interactive Fitting for Catia Human module

IFC Human is an add-on workbench of IFC Core for realtime human simulation functionalities, IFC Human can animate in realtime the human Builder manikin in the Digital Mockup.

IFC Human lets you:

  • Transfer the geometry and kinematics of a V5 manikin to the physics simulation
  • Animate the V5 manikin in real-time
  • Attach haptic devices to the hands of the V5 manikin
  • Control all segments of the V5 manikin using a full-body tracking system: Animazoo, ART, Motion Analysis, Vicon, Xsens
  • Compute contact constraints in real-time
  • Control of the manikin's hands using instrumented gloves, such as CyberglovesTM II or FingerTrackingTM
  • Record the motion of the V5 manikin in real-time, and store it as an XML file
  • Replay the motion with collision cue.

IFC Human request, IFC Core prerequisite + HBR

Customer Benefits

  • Validate Human constraint on assembly and mouting processes
  • Evaluate tooling
  • Human accessibility, reachability, visibility
  • Maintainability procedure