Elysium V5 MultiCAx-JT Plug-in (CATIA V5 CAA to/from JT Direct Translator)


Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : AP2 V5, DM1 V5, MD1 V5

Product Overview

This is the bi-directional translator between CATIA V5 and JT embedded into standard V5 environment and provide easy to use translation capabilities. This product is developed using CATIA V5 CAA toolkit authorized by Dassault Systemes, and DEK (Elysium Data Exchange Kernel) which realize the best-in-industry accuracy in data translation.
The Elysium data exchange foundation understands the characteristics of each of the supported CAD systems and can make the required adjustments and corrections required for any data translation.
Furthermore, Elysium is officially approved as JT data-translator provider to Daimler supply chain, Elysium also offers JT translator customized to match Daimler requirements for exact geometry and visualization needs. Manufacturing and planning requirements were also met via extensive tuning of Elysium’s robust PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) support, which includes dimensions, annotations and symbols.

Customer Benefits

Elysium V5 Multi CAx-JT Plug-in ensures the accurate translation by using CATIA V5 CAA toolkit authorized by Dassault Systemes and the experience and intelligence built into the Elysium data exchange kernel (DEK) to translate your data correctly the first time.
Moreover, Elysium’s JT translation ranked the first in industry benchmarks for bi-directional capability.

This accelerates the utilization of CATIA V5 data seamlessly.