Elysium Format Converter for ProE & Creo


Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : DRN V6, PCS V6

Product Overview

Elysium MultiCAx plug-in products plug-in to your standard V5, V6 and ENOVIA environment and provide easy to use translation capabilities. The Elysium data exchange foundation understands the characteristics of each of the supported CAD systems and can make the required adjustments and corrections required for any data conversion.

Elysium MultiCAx plug-in products provides geometry-based translation, with automatic healing that solves these common problems:
- Transparent conversion of surface definitions
- Seamless healing of models from different tolerances
- Intelligent healing of trim curves with surfaces
- Correct resolution of topology differences between systems

Brings multi-CAD geometry into/from CATIA/DELMIA/ENOVIA insuring data compliancy with V6 quality standards

- Bi-directional translation between V6 and ProE(Creo)
- Translation of exact geometry representation, assembly structure, and graphic PMI (FD&T) information
- Heals errors automatically in translation
- Support V6 representation and 3DXML
- Direct translation of CATIA V6 data stored in ENOVIA V6

Customer Benefits

 Elysium MultiCAx plug-in products can minimize your translation issues by using the experience and intelligence built into the Elysium data exchange kernel to convert your data correctly the first time. This allows you to focus on the product development task rather than data exchange problem solving.