Elysium Format Converter for NX


Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : DRN V6, PCS V6

Product Overview

All CATIA V6 data is stored in Dassault Systèmes’ PDM (Product Data Management) system “ENOVIA”, which means access to ENOVIA is a prerequisite to handling the V6 data within. Direct translation of CATIA V6 data stored in ENOVIA is realized to be possible by using “xCAD”. Elysium is one of only two translation vendors in the world to complete an agreement with Dassault Systems with license to develop a 3D data translator by utilizing “xCAD”.

For a robust CATIA V6 translation, Elysium uses “xCAD” to convert various elements of CATIA V6 while utilizing its current technical know-how that has been achieved with experience and history of translation with CATIA V4 and V5.

Customer Benefits

Elysium MultiCAx plug-in products can minimize your translation issues by using the experience and intelligence built into the Elysium data exchange kernel to convert your data correctly the first time. This allows you to focus on the product development task rather than data exchange problem solving.