Elysium CADdoctor


Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : MD2 V5

Product Overview

Elysium CADdoctor is package software with standalone user interface. This product has a built-in geometry healing module called DEK (Data Exchange Kernel) with pre-defined “flavoring” options for each CAD formats or neutral formats. This ensures the accurate data translation and allows you to focus on the product development task rather than data exchange problem solving.
Moreover, Elysium CADdoctor is much more than a “data translator” which supports wide utilization of CATIA V5 data: powerful PDQ Check and rich automatic/well-guided interactive repair function, Geometry Verification, Reverse Engineering and geometry optimizing functions such as Geometry Simplification, Mid-surface etc.

Customer Benefits

Elysium CADdoctor ensures the accurate data translation to/from CATIA V5 utilizing the interoperability technology accumulated in Elysium’s history working closely with CAD vendors and global leaders in automotive, aerospace and electricity industries.
Users can also optimize 3D data for the post processes—simplifying the data or generating mid-surfaces for CAE analysis, verify the data before and after the engineering changes and more as well as repair the PDQ errors.
This well supports the utilization of CATIA V5 data.