Elysium DirectTranslator


Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : MD2 V5

Product Overview

Elysium Direct Translator is a translator available in following two ways;

  • Desktop type: Embedded into CAD systems, users can utilize Elysium’s interoperability solution within their in-house CAD systems.
  • Server / Batch type: Integrated into Web-based systems, PDM systems etc., users can collaborate Elysium’s interoperability solution with their other systems and share 3D data seamlessly for the enterprise-level 3D data utilization.

This product is developed using CATIA V5 CAA toolkit authorized by Dassault Systemes, and DEK (Elysium Data Exchange Kernel) which realize the best-in-industry accuracy in data translation. The Elysium data exchange foundation understands the characteristics of each of the supported CAD systems and can make the required adjustments and corrections required for any data conversion.

Customer Benefits

Elysium DirectTranslator ensures the accurate translation to/from CATIA V5 by using the experience and intelligence built into the Elysium data exchange kernel (DEK) to translate your data correctly the first time. This allows you to focus on the product development task rather than data exchange problem solving. Users can select the solution which satisfies their demands from the desktop type or server/batch type.