by : Siemens Industry Software Computational Dynamics Limited

Engineering Domain : Simulation
Prerequisites : GPS V5, MD2 V5

Product Overview

STAR-CAT5 is a flow and thermal simulation software from CD-adapco that is embedded in the CATIA v5 PLM-environment system to provide design engineers with quick feedback on product design performance during the definition and development phase. It also allows to drive STAR-CCM+ advanced CFD solution. Strengthening the deployment of a enterprise-wide CFD solution, meeting needs of both design and validation groups while sharing analysis information.

Customer Benefits

  • Designers, engineers, and analysts are not required to learn a specialist simulation tool
  • Associativity with parametric CAD models allows easy modification of parts without the need to┬áredefine units, materials or boundary conditions, saving time and improving productivity.
  • The simulation is directly associated with the geometry, enabling interactive as well as automated┬áparametric what-if design evaluations for optimization.
  • A unique and proven technology, the polyhedral cells, brings speed, solution stability, and more accuracy for CFD simulations than tetrahedral elements.