pure::variants Connector for MagicDraw


Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : M5E-C V6

Product Overview

pure::variants Connector for MagicDraw control structural and parametric variability in your architecture models.
enerate variant-specific models locally or on TWC.


  • Reuses architecture, designs, models stored in MagicDraw.
  • Transforms file based and Team Work Cloud (TWC) based models.
  • Assembles and tailors model variants effortlessly by triggering transformations from within MagicDraw.
  • Uses parametric substitution to alter MagicDraw models on every level of granularity.
  • Integrates model-based-development as part of a Product Line.
  • Speeds up production of model-to-code and improves consistency and quality.

Have a look at how it works: https://www.pure-systems.com/files/video/connectoren_tutorials/Daussault_Systemes_MagicDraw.mp4

About pure::variants:
The PLE solution pure::variants makes the development of complex products much more efficient and secure. One of the unique features of pure::variants is the centralized management of all variants of a product line. Standard integrations for more than 30 well-known engineering tools ensure that the respective results for a product variant can be generated automatically at any time. As a result, key information such as the requirements, the system models or the test plans are not only available at the time of product development, but throughout the entire life cycle of a product. With pure::consult, we also offer services for fast and efficient implementation. Thanks to pure:variants, a wide range of enterprises and companies are already saving time and resources and can concentrate on their core competencies.

Customer Benefits

Our connector for MagicDraw provides tools for seamless variant management and model adaptations for MagicDraw models, this includes all your SysML and UML models. Easily access and understand the domain know-how of architecture and design variability by using the pure::variants connector for MagicDraw.

Variability mapping and intrinsic rules relating to optional, alternative, mandatory and related features ensure valid, accurate and consistent creation of specifications. Now, automatically create Model Project variants using feature selection in a variable master project in pure::variants. Instead of using a manual approach like copy and modify, users can now make effective reuse of complete models and model elements.