Publisher for System Architect

by : SodiusWillert

Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management

Product Overview

SodiusWillert Publisher for UNICOM System Architect exchanges systems models between UNICOM System Architect and NoMagic MagicDraw.

The plugin supports the transformation of:

  • DoDAF 1.5, DoDAF 2.0 and, UML models to MagicDraw™ UPDM™ 2.1,
  • Model elements, diagram layouts, and colors,
  • Generation of a Traceability Log to record the execution flow of the model transformation.

Speed up the development of systems models by using a one-way bridge between MagicDraw and UNICOM System Architect with Publisher for System Architect.

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Customer Benefits

  • Save engineering time: Publisher for System Architect automates the transformation of models into MagicDraw models in the push of a button.
  • Flexible solution: no need to choose between tools and make drastic changes. Publisher for System Architect guarantees the migration of all model elements, diagram and, layouts created in your UNICOM System Architect model to the MagicDraw file format.
  • Optimize your resources: allow your team to keep using their preferred environment, and focus on delivering projects faster instead of learning a new tool.​​​​​