Publisher for Rhapsody

by : SodiusWillert

Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management

Product Overview

SodiusWillert Publisher for Rhapsody is a tool extension that supports the bi-directional transformation of UML or SysML models between NoMagic MagicDraw and IBM Rhapsody.

Publisher for Rhapsody speeds up the development of systems models by using a two-way bridge between MagicDraw and IBM Rhapsody. The plugin supports model elements, diagrams, and layouts to ensure that the quality of your model migrations remains truthful.

Customer Benefits

  • Saves engineering time: Publisher for Rhapsody bridges the gap between domains that are not connected.
  • Flexible solution: no need to choose between tools and make drastic changes. Publisher for Rhapsody guarantees the migration of all model elements, diagram and layouts created in your Rhapsody model to MagicDraw.
  • Optimizes your resources: allow your team to keep using their preferred environment and focus on delivering projects faster instead of learning a new tool.