AITAC Smart Drawings

by : AITAC

Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : ARM V6, CNV V6, MDG V6, PCS V6, TXO V6

Product Overview

AITAC Smart Drawings (ASD) is a very productive drafting product to massively produce Drawings of any large assemblies industries, like Offshore, Shipbuilding, Plant Design, etc.

ASD is there to let you do drawings your way, several times faster.

With ASD you can:

  • Create Sheet Template and View Types to predefine all your drawings
  • Create Smart Annotations templates to define your own drafting annotations with specific behavior
  • Create Table templates to predefine all your tables, BOM, etc. your way with your design.
  • Batch-create the drawings, automatically place texts, tables/BOM callouts, annotations.
  • Predefine the view naming, automate view placement on sheet, etc.

Customer Benefits

AITAC Smart Drawings is a new Experience in the V6 Drawing creation. Any user is able to create drawings faster, without any user guide. 

Smart tables let you navigate from table to 2D and 3D

Drawing navigation let you navigate between 2D and 3D

Everything you do is updated in a smart way with you update, still letting the user control all behaviours.