Smart Shield / Event Monitor


Engineering Domain : Simulation
Prerequisites : CTP V5, VTL-C V5

Product Overview

Smart Shield: An unified Hypervision to better protect critical sites

Security & Safety managers of critical sites need security supervision tools in order to manage all systems contributing to a site’s protection in a more integrated manner.
The Smart Shield solution provides the security supervisor with the means to act quickly and efficiently when any kind of threat or incident arises.

Event Monitor: Managing major events security in confidence

As a part of their missions to protect goods and people, and considering ever more critical potential threats, heads of security need better security monitoring tools to manage « sensitive » events.
The Event Monitor solution provides operational security managers of major events with the means to act quickly and efficiently by leveraging all deployed resources.

Customer Benefits

The 3D digital twin of a site makes it much easier to securise, thanks to data fusion and intelligence.