Engineering Domain : Simulation
Prerequisites : GPS V5, MD2 V5

Product Overview

FloEFD for CATIA V5 is a computational fluid dynamics analysis tool that is truly embedded into CATIA V5. It enables engineers to directly work on their CAD model for preparing and evaluating their concurrent CFD simulation.

Customer Benefits

  • Written for CFD Engineers, Analysts & Designers
  • Fully Integrated within CATIA V5:
    • Uses CATIA native CAD solid model
    • Detects fluid regions automatically
    • Supports iterative design analysis
  • Suitable for Upfront and Frontloaded CFD analysis
  • Intuitive and easy to use within CATIA workflows
  • High accuracy in all standard CFD benchmarks
    • Typically an order of magnitude fewer mesh cells 
    • Typically low CPU usage versus traditional CFD codes
  • Cost effective solution with high productivity
    • Typically 10 times more productive than with traditional CFD approaches
  • Fits easily into your development processes