Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : HD2 V5

Product Overview

Handle Model Modifications

In the context of a global collaborative development process, tools helping engineers to handle their complex engineering data are getting more and more relevant. Consequently, a large variety of questions have to be answered. Do my models meet the minimum quality and methodology requirements? What has recently been added or modified in models I work with? Have suppliers modified models from the last release interchanged, and what?

xCompare compares CATIA V5, SMG and JT data, to find differences in two revisions of products, parts and drawings or to verify the conversion process.


Customer Benefits

Saving time with comparing models
The model comparison can either be performed in CATIA or in batch mode in order to avoid doing it manually. 

Increase reliability
A manual verification implies the risk of human errors, since changes can be missed in complex models. xCompare ensures that all modifications are found.

Fulfill legal or company requirements regarding documentation
For data conversion and long term data archival, legal or company internal regulations might require that the generated or archived model data are consistent with the original data of the CAD system. xCompare V5 / JT and V5 / SMG ensure this verification.