VDAFS Processor


Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : HD2 V5

Product Overview

VDAFS CAA V5 based supports VDAFS Version 2.0. It converts CATParts into VDAFS files and VDAFS files into CATParts. Expanding on the VDAFS standard, the TransCAT VDAFS Processor transfers not only points, curves, surfaces, but even topologies and bodies via the VDAFS element 'TOP'. An outstanding feature is its full integration with CATIA V5. Converting CATIA V5 models to VDAFS format is possible by simply using the 'Save As' item from the CATIA 'File' menu. In the same way, VDAFS files can be opened as CATPARTs with the 'File Open' menu sequence. In addition to the interactive CATIA integration, the product also includes a graphic user interface (GUI) variant that can be started from within or outside of CATIA and a batch module for integration into automated processing applications.

Customer Benefits

  • VDAFS is very reliable because it is a very SIMPLE neutral interface
  • Very easy to use also for 'non-VDAFS-experts' by full CATIA V5 integration
  • Support of topologies and solids
  • Different operating modes: - Interactive, from within CATIA - GUI for use outside of CATIA - Batch mode