CATIA V5 - Infor PLM Connector


Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : MD2 V5, PM2 V5, PX1 V5, SA2 V5

Product Overview

The efficient administration of product data and so the support of engineering processes has become a critical success factor for manufacturing companies today. This also includes the exchange of data between PDM/ PLM and CAD systems.

Product Information:

The Infor integration for CATIA V5 offers Aras users an effective and intuitive integration. Data and structures of both Infor and CATIA V5 are linked to each other - providing the ability for bi-directional exchange of documents, CAD files, BOMs, parts (material masters), classification, item status and more. Robust customization capabilities are provided yielding lower support and maintenance costs.

Integration Capabilities

  • Document & File Management
  • Management of Complex CAD Structures
  • Items & BOM, based on CAD design
  • Workflow and Release Management
  • Check-in and Check-out from CAD
  • Take and Release Ownership
  • Management of Multiple Revisions
  • Save Preview Before Final Saving
  • Search and Load from PDM
  • Bidirectional Exchange of Properties
  • Update PLM-attributes from CAD
  • File Conversion (e.g. Viewables)


Metadata and classification properties can be exchanged and updated bidirectional. This enables the fill out of title blocks within drawings. This process can be performed automatically in the background (batch server), triggered by any process or workflow event (e.g. status transition). 

Supported CATIA Objects

  • CATProduct, CATPart, CATDrawing
  • Design Table
  • CATProcess, CATAnalysis (Version 1.2)





Customer Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Dialogs and features can be enhanced and configured specifically for users
  • The XPLM Integration Platform can access multiple PLM and ERP sites in parallel
  • Batch processor enables file conversions and configurable bulk transfer operations (e.g. import, export, migration of data)
  • Script-Based Process Definition Language
  • COM Automation Support (VBA Script, Java Script, C#)
  • XML definition enables creation and configuration of new integration objects