CPA – Thermal Assessment


Engineering Domain : Mechanical Design
Prerequisites : CCF V5, CPE V5, CPM V5, HD2 V5

Product Overview

The CPA-TA (Composites Producibility Assessment – Thermal Assessment) plug-in to CATIA is used to identify locations where your part may have thermal issues during manufacture. It is integrated into the CATIA Composites Workbench and is intended to be used by designers to minimize avoidable redesign during the part design process. 

CPA-TA  is a simple application that allows designers to quickly and effectively evaluate the thermal stability of the part during manufacture, without needing to have the M&P background knowledge to validate the part. The CPA-TA workflow reduces defects, unneccessary re-work, and other associated issues that occur downstream in production.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduces iteration in design between design engineers and M&P department
  • Incorporates custom internal standards and specifications
  • Validate model against best practices before submission
  • Identifies trouble spots in layup
  • Allows quick analysis for design changes such as manufacturing results from tooling type
  • Exporting of drill throughs to RAVEN 1D thermal analysis