TechViz XL for Immersive 3DEXPERIENCE


Engineering Domain : Immersive Virtuality
Prerequisites : DER V6, IHD V6, PCS V6

Product Overview

TechViz XL for Immersive 3DEXPERIENCE enables full Virtual Reality experiences directly in 3DEXPERIENCE. It acts like a driver to a virtual reality system built-in into 3DEXPERIENCE. To use it, just start your usual 3DExperience session and activates the Clustering Mode on the toolbar. TechViz will immediately display the same model on the VR system. Any change you would make to the model or process will be immediately displayed on the VR system.

TechViz XL for Immersive 3DEXPERIENCE supports any kind of VR device, including Stereo 3D walls, with tracking system, CAVE, HMD like Oculus Rift and many others. It allows to display the model at scale 1:1 like a Virtual Prototype.

Additionally, optional modules brings more functionalities in VR like Digital Review (measurement, annotations, clipping, reporting, video recording), Virtual Assembly, Fusion with other applications or Collaboration with multiple 3DEXPERIENCE VR systems.

Customer Benefits

  • Virtual Reality from 3DEXPERIENCE without any Data Conversion
  • Display your content at scale 1:1, like a Virtual Prototype
  • Ideal for project review, product presentation, complex analysis or collaborative sessions
  • Make changes in real time
  • Display large 3D models
  • Compatible with any VR system without any limit in size, number of pixels or number of screens.