ACI – 3DX Event Bus Adapter for Aras Innovator


Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : PCS V6, PDE V6

Product Overview

The 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA V6 Aras Innovator Integration (ACI) is a comprehensive solution for all kinds of integration scenarios. The solution integrates the 3DEXPERIENCE virtual product structure to an Aras Innovator BOM or CAD Document structure.

ACI as PDM system integration runs asynchronously in the background. To allow a flexible usage the solution is complemented with interactive UI in CATIA V6 Rich Client.

Aras Innovator 11 (all SPs), 12 (all SPs) is supported as ACI target platform.


  • CATIA V6 can be used as an authoring tool in the context of an Aras Innovator PLM environment
  • Highly configurable for object mapping and customer specific adaptations
  • Supports coexistence, migration, and cross-system border collaboration
  • Integrates CAD data format converters and CAD data optimizer for many CAD formats like JT, STEP, 3DXML, CATIA, and other formats (third party converters may be required)
  • Offers an external web client for administration, execution and visualization of Aras Innovator product structures and 3DEXPERIENCE virtual product structures

Key features and technical highlights.

  • Bi-directional exchange of 3DEXPERIENCE virtual product structure and Aras Innovator product structure
  • Attribute, revision, and life cycle state mapping
  • Create Thumbnails for 3DParts from 3DEXPERIENCE for visualization in Aras Innovator
  • Supports HOOPS 3D PDF generation for 3DXML and CATPart
  • Transfer of 2D PDF for Drawings
  • Scheduled list processing
  • Functionality in CATIA V6:
    • Send a structure to Aras Innovator
    • Query for Aras Innovator items
    • Display Aras Innovator properties
    • Pull Parts from Aras Innovator
  • Functionality in web client:
  • Query and send from Aras Innovator to 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Query and send from 3DEXPERIENCE to Aras Innovator


  • Installation support.
  • Customizing/development support (off and on-site).
  • On-site or WEB-based training.
  • On demand software releases allow fast realization of additional customer requirements.

Customer Benefits

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