EXALEAD CloudView Connector for Teamcenter


Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : SMF-P V6

Product Overview

Search based application cannot exist without indexing data which are stored in many different formats and different systems by the companies. Therefore, more an index is able to access diverse sources, wider the list of interested customers will be.

The PDM system is one of the Information System widely used by customers.

The main customer requirements in PDM context is provisioning of:

  • Product structure, part and related geometry data
  • Lifecycle states, Change management objects (e.g. ECR, ECO)
  • Related non-product information (e.g. project, team, user, etc.)
  • Security concept

Having this connector for CloudView server will reveal the information through Search Based Application such as OnePart, to be used mainly in mechanical industry (Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, Ship) for any person in the company needing to search and aggregate information cross systems.

The Application Program is a Connector for the search engine platform EXALEAD CloudView and OnePart.

It is used as a batch application as well as an interactive application.

Connected to the PDM system, the Application Program synchronizes a pre-defined scope of the PLM System’s data with the platform CloudView, so as to enable indexing and search capabilities for the data with EXALEAD CloudView.

Customer Benefits

EXALEAD CloudView combines web-scale semantic technologies, rapid drag-and-drop application development and hybrid quantitative/qualitative analytics to deliver a consumer-style information experience to mission-critical business processes.

With EXALEAD CloudView Enterprise IT organizations now meet demands for real-time, in-context, accurately-delivered information, accessed from diverse web and enterprise big data sources, yet delivered faster and with less cost than with traditional application architectures.

The Application Program enable leveraging EXALEAD CloudView capabilities on top of the PLM system:

  • extract more value from existing digital assets,
  • protect IT investments,
  • scale in steps with mounting data volumes,
  • adapt to evolving sources, uses & channels,
  • maintain fresh & always up-to-date information,
  • support multi-channel delivery of high impact search based applications.