COM/FOX: T-Systems V5 MultiCAx-JT Plug-in


Engineering Domain : Infrastructure
Prerequisites : AP2 V5, DM1 V5, MD1 V5

Product Overview

The “COM/FOX: T-Systems MultiCAx-JT Plug-in” product enables through its capabilities to set-up collaboration in V5 with the JT format.

This collaboration can be set-up through:

  • Use of JT format in a Multicad way for hybrid product design purpose
  • Translate JT file into V5 tesselated file
  • Translate V5 file into JT tessellated file
  • Translate JT into STEP AP242 tesselated file
  • Collaboration between JT & 3dxml formats


The product delivered to V5 customer will enable:

  • Interactive integration of the JT converter within the context of V5 import / export command as well as in context of Multicad.
  • Integration in the DS Batch capabilities (translator & Multicad mode)
  • Integration as a component of COM/FOX infrastructure with files inputs & files outputs.

Customer Benefits

  • Improvement of the competitiveness by closed process chains and unique approach within the design processes
  • Improvement of the product quality by continuation of work on model results with CATIA V5 without problems
  • Low system costs by smooth exchange of 3D geometry with CATIA
  • Improvement of the collaboration with partners

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