V6 xPDM Integration for SAP


Engineering Domain : Product Life Cycle Management
Prerequisites : PCS V6, PDA V6

Product Overview

Integrating ENOVIA and SAP is not an easy task, in particular if there is data that may be changed on both systems and must be synchronized between them. While The ENOVIA Event Bus, together with the xPDM adapters, provides the technical solution to do this, the different data models and process paradigms present a challenge of their own. Knowledge of both sides of the gap and experience in transforming the data from far over 50 customer projects give T-Systems a unique position to satisfy customer needs.



  • The ENOVIA "Send to xPDM", used either from the VPM product structure or an engineering BOM, sends the data to SAP to create or update the corresponding items.
  • Optionally, it provides an interactive SAP function for the reverse transfer.
  • BOMs are transferred as single- or multi-level, depending on your company’s preferred settings.
  • Event-triggered operation is possible as a project-implemented feature.


  • The ENOVIA-side business logic is provided by the ENOVIA components involved and can be customized to the level they allow.
  • The SAP-side business logic is provided by the SAP adapter that is the main component of the integration. It can be customized to a high degree, including scripted attribute mapping.
  • The SAP adapter, core component of the integration, runs as an independent web application. To use the standard functionality, no installation in either ENOVIA or SAP is necessary.
  • All transfers are done via a system of gateways and adapters that provide message and file exchange via web services. Data transfer and synchronization are asynchronous.

Note: As of V6R2014, ENOVIA does not offer to transfer change objects (ECR/ECO). This function can be provided on a project basis.

Customer Benefits

„V6 xPDM Integration for SAP“ is the solution if you...

  • are running ENOVIA V6 R2013x or later and SAP R/3 ECC6 and
  • want to transfer data between them in the context of your business process
  • need to synchronize ENOVIA data with several SAP systems
  • want to use ENOVIA’s latest service-based technology
  • want to benefit from our experience in both systems

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